Doom Guys Is The Fall Guys/Doom Mashup We’ve All Been Waiting For

Are mashups the new thing? No sooner do we get a Crusader Kings 3/Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 mashup mod do we get this monstrosity from amateur game designer Romain Bayer, who decided that this was the best way to learn how to use Unity and code in C#.

Doom Guys is a mashup featuring everyone’s favorite demon slayer as he tries to escape the alternate game reality of Fall Guys. For some strange reason, the Fall Guys decided they need a more violent and brutal mini-game, so they kidnapped the Doom Slayer and locked him in a prison. There he’ll be let out whenever the minigame comes up in one of Fall Guys’ shows.

Not being one to take a kidnapping lying down, the Doom Slayer breaks out with nothing but his fists and goes on a rampage. The plot is very Castle Wolfenstein, another id Software classic featuring demons and prisons.

Unlike the modern iterations of Doom, there’s no blood or guts to be found anywhere in Doom Guys. Fall Guys just sort of disappear in a flash even if you blast them point-blank with a shotgun. There’s also not a whole lot of variety in Doom Guys with only three enemies to shoot: average Fall Guys jelly beans, Fall Guys demons, and Fall Guys cyclops, the only enemy that actually has an attack besides running up and grabbing you.

Bayer made all the game assets you see, including the map and the jittering sprites. The sounds are all mined from Fall Guys or the original Doom, but hopefully that’s not enough to get slapped with a takedown notice.

Also, the whole game can be completed in roughly three minutes, so don’t expect a lot of replayability here. But you can’t argue with the price, which is completely free over on

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