Doom Is Now Playable On Pregnancy Tests

With gender reveals causing widespread carnage in the real world, it’s only appropriate that a pregnancy test would open a portal to Hell.

We’ve seen Doom – the 1993 pioneer first-person shooter game, not the feeling we’re all gripped by in 2020 – running on everything from a calculator to a toaster. Now, in this most cursed of years, you can play Doom on a pregnancy test.

Created by @foone, the person behind the brilliant Death Generator, the id Software classic runs like a dream, even if you might have to squint a bit to see what the heck is going on.

Here’s a look at it in action, controlled via an external keyboard:

The creator is also working on some pregnancy test USB sticks, as well as a pregnancy test keyboard – dubbed the “peeboard”, since it’ll only allow you to input one letter and you have to piss on it to type.

If you’re wondering how this was done – Doom, not the peeboard – Foone is working up a how-to tutorial. After all, who among us hasn’t wondered how we can play classic shooters on a pregnancy test?

If you like the cut of Foone’s jib, you can support the creator of weird hardware things on Patreon. You may know them from that time they got Rickrolled by a VHS tape they bought at a junk store.

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