Dragon Ball: Wendy’s Claims Lord Beerus Would Love Spicy Chicken Nuggets

Most of us Dragon Ball fans had always assumed that Lord Beerus’ favorite food on earth was instant ramen, but according to Wendy’s, we were wrong: it’s actually spicy chicken nuggets.

The fast food chain’s Twitter account recently made the claim, explaining that their spicy chicken nuggets are surely the greatest flavor in the 7th Universe and would easily impress the Dragon Ball Super anti-hero.

Those who follow the show know that Lord Beerus is very serious about finding delicious food wherever he goes. In fact, the main reason why the God of Destruction opted not to destroy earth was thanks to its large variety of delicious foods, and according to Wendy’s, their spicy chicken nuggets sit at the top of the planet’s eclectic collection of flavors.

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Wendy’s tweet was in response to a meme that used a screenshot from the newly released Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot to relate Goku’s irritation to the irritation one might feel when they can’t get their hands on a Wendy’s 4 for 4. Like any good spirited fast food social media account these days, Wendy’s had the perfect response and even gave itself some free publicity in line with the highly anticipated Dragon Ball Z title.

Wendy’s recently brought back its spicy chicken nuggets at the end of 2019 largely thanks to a twitter campaign started by Chance The Rapper. Since its return, plenty of people have been heading to the fast food chain to pick up some spicy nuggets, and it sounds like we might catch Lord Beerus waiting in line as well.

Though you most likely won’t find any of Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets while playing Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, what you will find is an expansive retelling of the events that took place during the Dragon Ball Z television show. With side quests, collectibles, and a several large maps to explore, the game is sure to give fans of the show a great nostalgia trip while including content that adds context to the events of the series. If it adds Dragon Ball Super DLC, we might even get to see Lord Beerus. Will he be waiting for an order of spicy chicken nuggets? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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