Dragon Quest Treasures: The Maneland Balloon Location Guide

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Dragon Quest Treasures' Shady and Shambles' balloon popping escapades have spilled over into the sandy landscape of The Maneland. It is your duty to scale mountains, ride airstreams, and even engage in a little amateur spelunking in order to track them all down.

As is typically the case with these balloon quests, many of these buoyant balls aren't particularly easy to find. Lucky for you, your buddies at TheGamer have done all the groundwork for you. So, for all your balloon popping needs in The Maneland, simply consults the tables and maps below.

Traversing The Maneland

Before we even start, you need to know that in The Maneland, more than any other island in Dragon Quest Treasures, requires that you have certain Fortes at your disposal. You could do a lot of exploring without them, and maybe jankily climb some of the mountains, but it would be so much more trouble than it is worth. So, before you leave your headquarters, make sure you have a monster with the Launch Forte and another monster with the Glide Forte. There are a lot of small mountains that need climbing, and a ton of air currents that will help get you to where you need to go.

A quick note on climbing. A number of the rocks have rough enough geometry that you can use the get a foothold big enough to use the Launch Forte. It can be a bit touch and go, but you can climb up most of the mountainous areas by just launching yourself up these rock walls and clinging to their crude geometry.

The Maneland has a convenient path that runs through to the west most corner of the island. However, when hunting for balloons, very little of your time will be spent on this path. Instead, you will be spending most of your time traversing the mountains to the north and south of it. For the sake of convenience, we will be breaking up The Maneland into three parts; aligning with the three railway stations.

Bonedry Heights Station

While some of these balloons are well-concealed, they aren't typically hard to get to. Once you know where to look, you should be able to find them easily enough. The one thing to keep in mind is that you will need a monster with the Stealth Forte for at least one of the balloons.



This balloon is north of the Bonedry Heights Station. It is wedged in the northern tip of the map. You will see it hovering up above the skeletal remains of a large monster.

This balloon is south of the Bonedry Heights Station. You will have to scale the mountainous area to get to it. Just head directly south of the station and you will run into it. Use the Launch Forte from the second floor of the station, and you will be able to glide down to the mountains south of you. This will save you some climbing.

From the balloon that was south of the Bonedry Station, head to the east. You will find yourself in The Tall Tail. This is a canyon with a series of tall mountains.

You will see a pair of mountains that have an earthen bridge connecting them. The mountain directly east of the bridge has a balloon on it near the top. Climb it and pop that balloon.

While in The Tall Tail, head to the southern tip. You will see a giant flower in the distance, head toward it. When you are next to that giant flower you will see a balloon floating in front of the mountain to the north.

Follow the path that starts at the Bonedry Station east. When the path starts heading toward the north, keep heading north, leaving the trail in the process. To your right, there will be a clearing. Shoot the balloon floating in the center of this clearing.

As you follow the path east of the Bonedry station, you will be surrounded by mountains. Once you leave the mountains behind, you will enter into a desert area. Immediately take a left once you enter into the desert area and hook around the giant stone slabs to the south. On the other side of the rocks stacked like steps, you will find this balloon

This balloon is inside one of the tents in the Sylphanian Stockade (the tent in the southeast corner of the stockade, to be precise). You will find the stockade a little north of the path once you enter the desert area.

There is another balloon in the mountains north of the Sylphanian Stockade. Scale the mountains using a monster with the Leap Forte. You want to get to the very edge of the northern section of the map, scale those boulders, and then travel to the west. Just maintain the high ground at all times. You will eventually run into this balloon.

If you travel to the northeast of the Sylphanian Stockade, you will find another balloon to the east of the giant flower up here. You are going to need to use the Launch Forte to navigate this area.

While traveling on the path heading west, there will be a pool of mud to the north. This will be at the mid-way point between the Sylphanian Stockade and the Sweetshade Glade Station. There is a balloon hovering above this giant puddle of mud.

Sweetshade Glade Station

The Sweetshade Glade station is found in the middle of The Maneland. You will find the Rib Bone Ramparts to the northwest, and to the south of it is the Scruffneck Quarry. Both of these locations contain a healthy number of balloons.



From the Sweetshade Glade Station, head northwest. Just follow the northern wall of stones. You will enter into the Rib Bone Rampart. Look up. You should be able to see a balloon under one of these giant rib-like stone structures. It can be a tricky shot from down below, as it is so far away. You can use the nearby air currents to take you up the mountain and get a closer shot.

At the northern end of the Rib Bone Rampart, there is a giant hole. There is a balloon floating above this hole.

To the south of the Sweetshade Glade Station there is a little pond. Jump into the pond and swim past the wall of plants on the right. This will take you to an underground cavern. There is a balloon in the south most corner of the cavern.

Travel south of the Sweetshade Glade Station. Jump up to the level above, and head south. Keep traveling south until you find a giant hole in the ground. Don't jump down! Instead, look for one of those rivers of sand that is funneling into the hole. There is a balloon above this sand flow.

Travel south of the Sweetshade Glade Station, then head east. This balloon will be found under the air current that blowing to the east.

Hotbreath Halt Station

The balloons near the Hotbreath Halt Station will be found around the station itself and in the nearby Hallowhead Cavern. In order to get to the Hallowhead Cavern from the west, you will want to travel south of the Sweetshade Glade Station, then travel to the east. Use a monster with the Glide Forte to cross the giant chasm, and you will be at the Hollowhead Cavern.



While traveling through the Hallowhead Cavern, you will cross a giant bridge. There is a balloon under that bridge.

While in the Hallowhead Cavern, you will find this balloon hovering up above.

Use the air currents in the Hallowhead Cavern to travel to the top. From here, you will be able to exit the cavern and explore the surface above. Next to one of the giant cactuses up here you will find a balloon.

If you travel to the Hotbreath Halt Station, follow the northern edge of the island and head west. You will run straight into this balloon.

This balloon is sitting on top of the rocky spire that is west of the Hotbreath Halt Station (not the one closes to the station, the spire behind that one). It is clearly visible from the second level of the station. You will be able to get a good shot of it by climbing the mountainous area west of it.

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