Dreadhalls Follow-Up Cosmodread Hits Quest & PC Next Month

VR horror game Cosmophobia has a new name and it’s coming very soon.

Cosmodread, as it’s now called, will launch on Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets on March 25th. The game will be a native Quest release, supports cross-buy on the Oculus Stores and is also releasing on SteamVR (where it’s available to wishlist). Taking to Twitter, Sergio Hidalgo of developer White Door Games explained that the new name was intended to avoid confusions with “a popular game that has a name that also ended in phobia.”

Cosmodread Release Date Revealed

No prize for guessing which game – 2020’s Early Access release of Phasmophobia has optional VR support and has proven incredibly popular. Hidalgo even had the Cosmophobia name cleared with the developers, but still decided to change it after noticing some confusion between fans.

Cosmodread also ties back to White Doors’ popular VR debut, Dreadhalls, which is still one of the better horror games out there. The new title builds on a lot of Dreadhalls’ ideas, retaining the procedurally generated mazes but swapping out the dank caverns and stony corridors for a derelict spaceship with drones and monsters stalking you. You’ll also have the ability to fight back using weapons and items you find in the environment. We featured the game at least year’s UploadVR Summer Showcase.

If it’s even half as scary as Dreadhalls then Cosmodread will be one for VR horror fans to look forward to, then. Will you be checking out Cosmodread? Let us know in the comments below!

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