Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Will Be On Xbox Game Pass From Day One

Subscribers to Xbox Game Pass are in for a treat next month. Wizards of the Coast and Tuque Games have announced that Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance will be available on Xbox Game Pass upon release for both PC and consoles. On June 22, you’ll be able to take arms with your friends and battle a new threat to the lands of the Forgotten Realms. Even those of you that use Game Pass for mobile purposes will be able to join in on the action, which is excellent since this latest Dark Alliance title will feature cross-play between PC and consoles.

A spiritual successor to the Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance titles, this new Dungeons & Dragons campaign will be set within the realm of Icewind Dale and will feature characters made famous by author R.A. Salvatore in his The Legend of Drizzt series. The change to third-person combat does look a bit strange, but this evokes a lot of the same feeling as those PS2 titles.

If you’re not sold on the concept, a re-release of the original Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. It will be heading to PC and mobile devices later this year and is a great way to get up to speed on this new entry. The storylines aren’t necessarily connected, but a lot of the same enemies and themes will be present.

It’s definitely a great move on Wizards of the Coasts’ part to put this on Game Pass. I would have otherwise ignored this until it dropped in price, but now I’ll certainly be giving it a shot.

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