Dusk Diver 2 – How To Defeat Secretary Of Hesperia’s CEO, Raven, Second Encounter

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Similar to the last boss fight, Dusk Diver 2 has us once again facing off against Raven, the Secretary of Hesperia’s CEO. Unlike last time, however, Raven is going all out and won’t be pulling any of her punches. Raven can be a real menace on the battlefield if you aren’t prepared, but she is not unbeatable.

That being said, she is very quick, has plenty of attacks, and deals a lot of damage when she lands her hits. Make too many mistakes, and Raven could very easily take out a party member before you get the chance to heal. This only gets more apparent as the fight rages on.

Raven’s Attacks

Raven is all about fast attacks that end in a bang. She also has access to a few Red attacks – all of which are dangerous if she lands them. Throw in Enrage, and you have a boss that covers just about every base.

9-Hit Combo Raven alternates sword swings, landing eight quick strikes before launching the ninth and final attack after briefly flashing red.Stay away. Dodge backwards, and stay out of range until she goes for her red strike. You can then opt to move into range and counter if you want to try and get a risky punish off.
Jumping Heel Slam Raven jumps into the air and does a slow forward flip before rapidly descending directly down with a powerful stomp.This attack has such a slow windup that avoiding it is incredibly simple. Just dodge away, and once she lands, dodge back into range and continue your attack.
Cross Slash + ExplosionSlashes with both of her swords, and then, after a brief delay, there is a damaging explosionThis attack has a pretty slow wind-up by a quick follow-through. Move backwards once you see Raven move both of her swords into position, then wait for the attack to finish before continuing your attack. You could also just dodge around the back of her and attack without pausing.
Spinning Slash + ExplosionRaven launches a spin attack with her swords that leaves the ground covered in lava. These pools of lava explode after a brief delay.Because Raven will be surrounded by explosive lava, you have to move back when she does this attack and wait for the explosion to go off before you move back into range.
Red Stab + Line Explosion Raven flashes red, then thrusts her sword forward. This leaves a line of lava directly in front of her that will explode after a brief delay.This attack can be countered if you want to be risky. Alternatively, you can dodge to the side and circle around her. This will avoid the stab, and since the explosions are a line nuke, you won’t be hit by them either.
Enraged Attack After entering her Enraged state, Raven will let out an explosion before jumping into the air, slamming back down and summoning a flock of fiery ravens in a large AOE.The moment Raven enters her Enraged state, fall back. Her AOE explosion and fire raven attack cover a large range, so stay as far back as you can before moving in to attack.

Which Characters To Use

Yumo is always our go-to. Her kit is too good, her DPS is outstanding, and she is very quick on her feet. She is the perfect character for just about every fight. However, Viada is also very handy for this fight as Raven likes to get locked into fairly long combat animations. This lets Viada dodge out of the way and pepper her with pistol fire.

Due to Bahets speed and Beat mechanics, he also ends up being a great choice in this battle – providing you have all of his timings down. Leo, as is nearly always the case, is the weakest link here. His is simply too slow. He does fine damage, and his Block is great for countering Raven’s red attacks, but you are better off running just about anyone else.

Battle Strategy

As a general rule of thumb, aggression is always the right answer when fighting bosses and Raven is no different. Raven can be stun-locked to a degree, which means you can prevent her from attacking as often if you are attacking her. She will power through your attacks from time to time of course, but her attacks are fairly easy to dodge.

You want to go into this fight with a full Burst Metre so you can make use of your bonus stats from Burst. This will help you deal more damage, shortening the fight substantially. Following on from this, having some BP consumables will help you maintain Burst if the fight goes on longer than expected.

As Raven has an Enraged state, you will gain access to Duo Burst and your Burst Ultimate EX Attack. This lets you deal massive amounts of damage to Raven when she is at her strongest – yet most vulnerable.

With Raven down, you are free to move on to the next chapter. Thankfully, the next boss is not a rematch!

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