Dusk Diver 2 – How To Defeat Unknown Defence Weapon

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The second boss of Dusk Diver 2’s fourth Chapter is quite the doozy. In fact, it is substantially more difficult than any boss you have fought so far. If there was a boss you were going to wipe too, it would be this one. Of course, we are talking about the monstrously unpleasant, Unknown Defence Weapons.

Which Party Members To Use

The only party member worth controlling in this fight is Viada. Unknown Defence Weapon has way too many ranged attacks – especially late in the fight – and this makes melee characters mostly worthless. Unknown Defence Weapon is more than capable of killing a character in a handful of hits, so getting close to it is not advised.

Viada has pistols, giving her the range advantage. She can stay safe, fire her pistols, and use her powerful ranged skills to chip away at Unknown Defence Weapon. Her allies can distract it in melee.

Battle Strategy

Unknown Defence Weapon has four legs, and each leg has its own health bar. Taking out a leg will reduce Unknown Defence Weapon’s defence bar by 25 percent – take out all of its legs, and you can instantly destroy Unknown Defence Weapon with a Break Strike.

This is easier said than done, since each leg is fairly tanky, Unknown Defence Weapon’s legs rotate a lot during the early fight with its various spin attacks, and getting close to even hitting them is dangerous.

Viada is the only character who can deal with Unknown Defence Weapon, so control her and spam your attacks and skills. Dodge away when Unknown Defence Weapon moves to attack you, and you should be fine.

This fight can take quite a while simply because Unknown Defence Weapon has a lot of health split over multiple targets. So long as you are using Viada, however, this fight should be won without much trouble. If Viada dies, then things start to go downhill quickly.

For this reason, bring revival items and curatives. BP potions are also excellent as they will increase your damage, shortening the fight nicely. It is unlikely you will be able to use your Burst Ultimate Attack, however.

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