DXRacer Boss Series Gaming Chair Review: Who’s The Boss? (You Are)

The DXRacer brand is essentially synonymous with gaming chairs. For streamers, gamers, and other content creators, DXRacer has been the go-to on-screen standard. TheGamer was recently given the opportunity to try out a few DXRacer models, including the King Series gaming chair. However, as great as the King Series is, it’s the DXRacer Boss Series that has won a permanent seat at the table… er, desk… amongst the rest of my gaming setup.

As I stated in my King Series review, I never subscribed to the belief that DXRacer gaming chairs were all that special. I figured the name of DXRacer was all that gamers were after, ready to substitute comfort for the brand recognition in a heartbeat. I can hear your eyes rolling now, and rightfully so. Both DXRacer chairs that I tried out were great, but the comfort and overall versatility of the Boss Series chair made it stand out.

Welcome To The Family

The best way I can describe the Boss Series chair is to liken it to the chair of a stereotypical well-dressed movie villain whose dimly-lit office is adorned with expensive art, detailed wall paneling, with a grandiose desk where which to conduct “legitimate” business meetings. Sitting in the chair, quite literally, makes me feel like a boss.

Sitting down, the high back of the chair rises well above my 6’2” stature, allowing me to rest my head comfortably in between rounds of whatever online multiplayer game I’m playing. Even better, the detachable pillow – which I originally incorrectly thought was a lumbar support pillow – can be used for added comfort which stretches across the entire width of the chair. And what a width it is!

Unlike other gaming chairs that feature the “racer” design, the boss chair has no qualms taking up plenty of room. If I were just a little smaller, two of me could probably snuggle up in the chair at the same time. It’s that wide. If your body type is more robust in nature, the Boss Series should be your absolute first choice. That said, even for those with smaller statures can make use of all of the room the chair has to offer. For instance, although I am tall and am severely lacking in the flexibility department, even I sometimes enjoy bringing my leg up under me as I sit on the couch. The Boss Series actually allows me to achieve this same position while playing video games in the chair; a feat unheard of with other gaming chairs. (I told you it was big.)

The chair’s cushions provide a more firm level of comfort than a lot of other chairs. I will admit that the King Series is a cozier chair to sit in, but the Boss Series isn’t so unforgiving that it is off-putting or uncomfortable. Quite the opposite. The reclining lever allows users to lock themselves in a straight-upright position for those intense gaming sessions, or a reclined position when just relaxing. Unlike the King Series, the Boss only reclines to about a 45-degree angle, getting nowhere close to lying perfectly horizontal.

The grid/tortoise shell-style chairback is plenty comfortable (and probably my favorite feature of the chair) whether you’re playing games or working. In addition, the arms can be adjusted to fit to you. You can adjust the height, length, width, and even angle position of the arms, which is good for those who don’t take up the entire chair. Finally, similar to the King Series, the height of the chair itself can be adjusted and is great for tall people. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact that my feet can almost hang off of the ground entirely while in the chair. Having had the same experience in two different chair models, it’s probably safe to say that most, if not all DXRacers feature considerable height options, which I applaud profusely.

Playing The Part Of My GTA Online Character IRL

It’s clear that not all gaming chairs are made the same, just as not all DXRacer models are made the same. While I definitely love the King Series, I am head over heels for the DXRacer Boss Series gaming chair thanks to its overall versatility and functionality for taller individuals. And even though I am definitely not some sort of crime lord or kingpin, it’s fun to feel like I am playing the part of the boss every time I sit at my desk.

A DXRacer Boss Series was provided to TheGamer for this review. You can learn more about the gaming chair on DXRacer’s website.

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