Dynasty Warriors Dev To Reveal EA Collab Project ‘Wild Hearts’ On Wednesday

Wild Hearts is the title for EA and Koei Tecmo's upcoming game. Described as the "next great hunting game," Wild Hearts is being created by Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force as a "truly AAA experience based in fantasy feudal Japan."

We'll learn more about Wild Hearts when the game has its first reveal trailer on Wednesday, September 28 at 10 AM ET (7 AM PT).

"It's an honor to be partnering with EA Originals and to have the support of a team with such an incredible track record of releasing groundbreaking new games," said Koei Tecmo executive VP Yosuke Hayashi a few weeks ago. "The EA team fully embraces our creative independence and have become invaluable partners offering both development and publishing support."

In the same press release, EA's Jeff Gamon said he was "thrilled to be partnering with the amazingly talented Omega Force team."

Based on what little description we've received for Wild Hearts, the game sounds like it might be a take on the Monster Hunter formula but with a somewhat more realistic take on the technology available to hunters. Where Monster Hunter Rise has a feudal Japanese aesthetic, players still wield swords, bows, and axes that are often many times the size of their own bodies. Wild Hearts might feature period-accurate weapons.

However, with only a few concept images to go on so far, it's hard to say for certain. We do know there will be at least some fantasy elements to Wild Hearts, as the concept image in the YouTube link shows a wolf with a metallic growth on its face and fiery orange eyes.

Koei Tecmo has another game set in feudal Japan in the works. Rise of the Ronin was announced at Sony's State of Play presentation earlier this month. Produced by Team Ninja, the game is set near the end of Japan's Edo period and will feature the titular ronin wielding both swords and firearms appropriate to the era. Rise of the Ronin is a PS5 exclusive coming sometime in 2024.

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