Eco-Conscious Show Star Trek Gets Into Environmentally Unfriendly NFTs

Paramount is getting into the NFT game. Despite the very recent thefts where many NFT holders were left penniless and despite NFTs generally being terrible for the environment, Paramount felt NFTs were a good enough business move to mint 20,000 Star Trek-themed NFTs.

Paramount Global has partnered with NFT marketplace Recur to set up a website to mint Paramount's first batch of NFTs. A portal on the Paramount website will allow owners to buy, collect, and trade NFTs, and eventually use them in a play-to-earn game. Star Trek will just be the first of Paramount's properties getting the NFT treatment, and they'll soon be followed by IP from Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, BET, CBS, Showtime, "and more."

Season 0 of the Star Trek NFT goes on sale starting April 9 at 11 AM ET. Each NFT will be an algorithmically generated starship of various classes, depending on the type of pack you purchase. There are 5,000 "Admiral Packs" which contain either a Consitution Class or Constitution Refit Class ship, while the 15,000 "Captain Packs" contain a greater variety of classes, including Soyuz Class, Oberth Class, Miranda Class, or Constitution Class ships.

You can read the full odds of each type of ship in the FAQs here. Each pack contains a single ship with randomly generated characteristics, and each pack costs $250. Star Trek fans will be able to get a preview of these ships by either attending the Star Trek Mission Chicago convention or watching Recur’s livestream reveal on April 8 at 1:45 PM CT.

Paramount and Recur’s plan is to first issue a Season 0 of Star Trek NFTs, then follow that up with a Season 1 and Season 2 where people assemble equipment and crews for their newly minted starships. Then Season 3 will arrive with a play-to-earn game where you use that ship to go on missions to unexplored worlds.

It’s not a bad idea, but there have been very few success stories when it comes to NFTs and there have been more than a few scandals. I’ll give Paramount credit for using an algorithmic generator for something more interesting than a bunch of ape JPEGs, and I’ll give Recur credit for using “proof-of-stake” blockchain tech and purchasing carbon offsets, but this NFT release still amounts to just another batch of expensive pictures with the promise of a bad browser game to come later. And even if it does, there's no guarantee that the game will stick around for very long.

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