Elden Ring Fan Brings Cut Character To Life With New Concept Art

One Elden Ring fan has put together concept art showing what St. Trina of the Cradlesong might have looked like had they made it to the game, using statues and in-game descriptions to piece together their identity.

If you haven't heard of St. Trina in Elden Ring, don't worry – they aren't present in the game and it takes some sleuthing to uncover their story. Item descriptions describe them as "an enigmatic figure. Some say she is a comely young girl, others are sure he is a boy." Cut content was also discovered that hinted at Miquella being St. Trina, who we find in a cocoon that Mohg stole, trapped in their own dream world.

Combining the statues and item descriptions, eugenia_lysa has created a character that fittingly looks like a spiritual successor to Gwyndolin from the first Dark Souls, with elements of Dark Souls 3's Firekeeper. This is all in keeping with Elden Ring's descriptions, however, as the eye in their mask is taken from their torch, their lily and butterfly are used to form the patterns, and their corrupted hands are lifted right from the Haligtree and Ordina statues.

Something interesting about St. Trina is that all their gear inflicts the sleep effect, something that many use as evidence for them being Miquella, as we find Miquella asleep in their own dream world. If true, this would make St. Trina and the infamously difficult Malenia, Goddess of Rot, siblings.

Miquella and St. Trina are significant figures in Elden Ring's world and lore, but we see very little of either, which has sparked speculation that they might be the focus of a potential DLC. What they would look like if such a DLC was made a reality remains to be seen, but eugenia_lysa's work is the closest indicator we have so far.

And, as many have pointed out, their work looks professional, on par with other Soulsborne concept art we've seen out of FromSoftware itself, and that's because they have some experience in the industry. They worked on "minor concept work for the icons props in Mortal Shell", and have shared other Elden Ring concepts on Reddit that you can find via their profile.

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