Elden Ring Fans Add Warrior Jar Alexander To Movie Scenes Until DLC Announced

It seems inevitable that Elden Ring will eventually see DLC, given how huge the game is. With so many Tarnished out there clamoring for more, it’ll still be worth Bandai Namco’s time if even only a fraction of them actually purchase this still hypothetical expansion. Indeed, last month's hack seemed to confirm that Elden Ring DLC is on the way, but it won’t be here until 2023 at the earliest.

Until then, Elden Ring fans in the official subreddit have decided to carry on a Souls game tradition of doing something weird until there’s an official announcement. In this case, adding Warrior Jar Alexander to movie scenes that didn’t previously feature a giant clay jar with delusions of martial prowess.

Reddit user Freetrolley42 began the new tradition with adding Alexander to Forrest Gump, then soon followed that up with Clerks. Sadly, the Elden Ring moderators said that they will "not allow daily topics to become a thing," saying that it clutters the subreddit and prevents "legitimate discussions and original memes and content."

However, this hasn’t stopped either post from gaining thousands of upvotes, nor has it stopped a copycat user from adding Warrior Jar Alexander to Lord of the Rings.

Back when Elden Ring was first announced, the official subreddit devolved into wild speculation, picking apart the game’s only trailer for tiny nuggets of information. Since there’s only so much to glean from a single video, daily themed posts were still allowed. Sadly, it seems like the mods don’t want a similar series for Elden Ring’s presumed DLC, although there might be more copycats out there waiting to insert Warrior Jar Alexander into even more absurd films.

There's a ton of cut content that would be great for Elden Ring DLC, including this PvP colosseum that would be the perfect new spot for friendly duels. For now, though, we’ll have to be patient as we await word of new content for what’s so far 2022’s best game.

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