Elden Ring: How To Complete Seluvis’ Questline

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  • Beginning Seluvis’ Questline
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  • Giving Nepheli Loux The Potion
  • Give The Potion To Sir Gideon
  • Returning To Seluvis And The Secret Room
  • Seluvis’ Scheme And The Amber Starlight
  • Gain The Magic Scorpion Charm
  • Betraying Ranni The Witch

Some questlines in Elden Ring span the entirety of your journey through the Lands Between, taking you to the farthest reaches of the map, and putting you face-to-face with the game’s most powerful bosses. Others, however, are more intimate affairs, allowing you to better understand the characters of this world.

Seluvis’ questline is one such story, helping you learn more about this haughty mage and his not-so-innocent intentions. Along the way, you will become involved in plots to murder warriors and fell demigods as you aid a scheming mage in furthering his goals.

Beginning Seluvis’ Questline

To start Seluvis’ questline you must have completed the dungeon named the Caria Manor in the game’s second main area, Liurnia of the Lakes. Having beaten this location's boss, you gain access to an area known as the Three Sisters, and more specifically Ranni’s Rise.

The Three Sisters consists of three towers, Ranni's Rise being the central-most building. Be careful when approaching the tower, a dragon guards its entrance. You can simply ride Torrent around the dragon if you wish to avoid a fight.

Once in the tower, head to its highest point to meet Ranni, and begin her questline.

For an outline of this game-spanning storyline, check out our guide on how to complete Ranni the Witch’s questline.

Once you have spoken with Ranni, she will request you speak with her loyal servants, one of which will be Seluvis. Speak with him, Blaidd, and Iji, exhausting each of their dialogue options. This part requires some patience as you talk to every character.

Having done this return to Ranni once more, and begin her questline in earnest.

Go To Seluvis’ Rise

Once you have pledged yourself to Ranni, reload the area and head to Seluvis’ Rise. This is the furthest left tower in the Three Sisters and can be spotted as such on the map.

At Seluvis’ Rise, speak with the mage. When speaking with him, he will not exactly be polite, perhaps hinting at his true character. During this conversation, Seluvis will present you with a proposition. Deliver a potion of unknown origin to a woman named Nepheli Loux. To continue Seluvis’ questline, accept this task.

With that, he will give you a key item named “Seluvis’ Potion” and send you on your way. From this point in the quest, your decisions will have an impact on its ending.

Giving Nepheli Loux The Potion

For one of the endings, you will need to speak to Nepheli in the Roundtable Hold. To find her there you will first need to meet her in the overworld.

At this point in the game, she can most likely be found in Liurna of the Lakes and specifically, the Village of the Albinaurics.

For specific directions on how to find her check out our guide on how to complete Nepheli Loux's questline.

Once in the Village of the Albinaurics speak with Nepheli next to a pile of burning villagers. Exhaust her dialogue here and continue through the village. Lastly, summon Nepheli to defeat the boss of this area. After this, she will return to the Roundtable Hold.

From here, progress her story until she appears at the bottom of the stairs next to the blacksmith and is visibly upset. This will occur after she finds out her father, Sir Gideon, killed the Albinaurics. Refer to our guide for the finer details.

Now, give her Seluvis’ Potion. Importantly, this will end any chance you have of completing her questline, effectively killing her. After this, you will want to return to Seluvis.

Give The Potion To Sir Gideon

If you want to progress Seluvis’ questline while also sparing Nepheli Loux, you will need to take a slightly different path.

Progress Nepheli’s questline as described above, meeting her at the Village of the Albinaurics, and speaking with her and Gideon in the Roundtable Hold but instead give the potion to Sir Gideon. To do this, approach Gideon after learning of Nepheli’s despair. Ask him about it. Following this, tell him about the potion and agree to hand it over to him.

Returning To Seluvis And The Secret Room

Having given the potion to either Gideon or Nepheli, you will want to return to Seluvis’ tower in the Three Sisters. Once there, tell him that you gave Nepheli the potion. No matter your true actions, the mage will be tricked.

If you chose to give it to Gideon, the mage will be confused but not blame you. He'll assume there has been a mistake.

Next, you must discover Seluvis’ secret room. To do so, travel to the location pictured above and head underground.

If you gave Nepheli the potion, you will find her lifeless body in this underground lair. If not, the room will be filled with other puppets.

Now, reload the area and return to Seluvis. Once there, confront him about his secret room. After this confrontation, Seluvis will reward you for your intuition with the choice of two powerful spirit summons.

Having purchased one of these spirit summons, reload the area once more. Once the area is reloaded, purchase all of Seluvis’ spells and then choose the dialogue option “I want a new puppet.”

Choosing this option will allow you to purchase another puppet using an item called Starlight Shards.

Seluvis’ Scheme And The Amber Starlight

Having purchased all of his spells and obtained your second spirit summon, a new dialogue option will appear. This option will allow you to ask about Seluvis’ scheme.

In this piece of dialogue, the mage will reveal to you a plot that requires you to find an item for him, agree to help him with his plot, and head off to find the item.

With Seluvis’ dialogue exhausted, head to the location above in the Altus Plateau. Journey northward from the Altus Highway Junction and find the Amber Starlight at the foot of a statue.

Once you have this precious item, return to the mage once more to continue the quest.

Gain The Magic Scorpion Charm

Take the Amber Starlight back to Preceptor Seluvis and speak with him again. Exhaust his dialogue and he will grant you the Magic Scorpion Charm, an item that raises magic attack but lowers damage negation.

If you wish, this can be the end of your time with this scheming sorcerer, the charm is the last reward you will get from him. However, you can continue your association with Seluvis, and ultimately aid him in betraying Ranni the Witch.

Betraying Ranni The Witch

Continue on your journey in the Land’s Between, periodically returning to Seluvis. Eventually, he will give you an item named the Amber Draught.

Take this item to Ranni as she slumbers in her tower, and choose the option to administer the Amber Draught. She will not be best pleased with your actions, and you will be blocked from continuing her questline.

In order to undo your treachery, head to the Church of Vows to absolve your sins.

With that, Seluvis’ quest will be completed. You will have gained a slew of powerful spells, a bounty of important spirit summons, and perhaps betrayed two of Elden Ring’s most pivotal characters.

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