Elden Ring Player Shows Off The Coolest Way To Reveal Your Weapon

Most Elden Ring PvP bouts start pretty much the same: you bow, and then it’s game on. But I’d be willing to change the rules if we started making intros as cool as what you see in the clip below.

Reddit user Esbidee recently shared this one trick that’ll immediately make any PvP introduction the coolest thing your opponent has ever seen. The trick is to simply pre-buff using Unseen Blade, a sorcery obtained from the Mirage Rise puzzle that turns your right-hand armament invisible. This spell has absolutely no use in PvE as enemy AI won’t be fooled into inaction just because you appear unarmed, but in PvP, Unseen Blade can really throw your opponent off their game.

But even better than the practical PvP application, Unseen Blade has a hidden benefit. Because the game treats Unseen Blade as a weapon buff, it gets removed just as soon as another weapon buff is applied. This means that your right-hand weapon reappears just as soon as you apply the new buff. This can make your weapon appear in super cool ways.

Cast Electrify Armament after Unseen Blade and it’ll look like you called your weapon from a lightning strike. Sacred Order makes it look like you summoned your weapon from the Erdtree itself. Flaming Strike makes it appear like you drew your sword from a fiery sheathe. Crag Blade makes it look like you drew your weapon from underground. Bloodfame Blade, Black Flame Blade, and Frozen Armaments all look totally badass.

But none are quite as cool as Seppuku, which makes it appear like you’re drawing your sword straight out of your own chest.

"Actually pretty badass," on Reddit user summarized. "I'm about to be a god walking into PvP."

If you'd like to feel more like a god than merely look like one, then check out Twitch streamer Perrikaryal. She can play Elden Ring using only the power of her mind.

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