Elden Ring Players Are Bringing Santa To The Lands Between

Tarnished don't really celebrate Christmas. They're too busy being all brooding and angsty, hiding away at a roundtable where they take the piss out of anyone that walks in. The chances of getting that lot to buy gifts is next to none, but that isn't stopping the community from bringing some festive cheer to this swamp-ridden hellhole.

Fire Pelate Armor to create the iconic red getup, Glinstone Crowns for that bushy beard, and a couple Dark Moon Greatswords to dole out some seasonal damage – it's pretty easy to create your own Santa Claus, and plenty of people are doing it.

Someone even made a snowman, since you can't exactly roll up snowballs and put one together yourself. Unless FromSoftware fancies adding a Christmas-themed minigame, but that's unlikely. However, the snowman is cursed. It has souless black eyes, thin jet-black lips, a pale orange nose, and creamy flesh for armour. You might wanna sit on Santa's lap, but you'll probably run kicking and screaming away from this Oogie-Boogie-looking nightmare fuel.

If the stone mask isn't tickling your fancy for Santa, you can always make him in the character creator with an in-depth, slider-by-slider guide that one player put together. It's fairly accurate, using the pre-existent beards and hair rather than the rigid stone of the mask, complete with rosy cheeks and burly features.

But nothing'll beat "Gangsta Santa Claus", the "Notorious DMG". He has those glowing blue swords in both hands, ready to crush some skulls off his naughty list.

Part of that afformentioned red armour set is a couple of chains around the neck, and SuperSmashBeers has even put on a blindfold. This is one Santa you don't want to find at the mall.

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