Elden Ring Players Confused By "Inappropriate Activity" Warning

Like the Dark Souls series, Elden Ring has several online multiplayer elements. You’ll often see ghostly images of other Tarnished running around The Lands Between, and some will leave helpful (or unhelpful) messages for players to guide them on their journeys. You can also summon players to help with particularly difficult boss fights, or you can invade another player’s game to be a boss yourself.

Since Elden Ring is difficult enough already, FromSoftware employs Easy Anti-Cheat to keep everyone on the same playing field. You might notice the Easy Anti-Cheat initialization screen every time you boot up Elden Ring being the main reason why it takes a lot longer to get back into your save file than other games.

For some unfortunate players, it might take even longer. If Easy Anti-Cheat detects an issue, it’ll hit players with the message: "Inappropriate activity detected. Unable to start in online mode." You can still play Elden Ring, but all multiplayer functions will be disabled in offline mode. That means no summoning other players for assistance, no messages, and no PvP (which might be a plus for some of you).

One Reddit user found the message to be a little strange. Easy Anti-Cheat doesn’t really go into what “inappropriate behavior” it’s accusing the player of performing, so unless you’re actually using mods or hacks, you might be a little confused as to what’s going on.

Twinfinite has a number of helpful suggestions for what to do if Elden Ring’s anti-cheat software starts acting up. The first and most obvious corrective measure is to restart Elden Ring, Steam, and your entire PC. If you’re still getting this error message, go into Steam to verify the game’s files and repair them as necessary.

You might also need to repair Easy Anti-Cheat's files too. To do that, right-click Elden Ring from your library, select "Properties," and then "Local Files." Next, find the Easy Anti-Cheat folder and double click "EasyAntiCheat_Setup." From there, click "Elden Ring," and then "Repair Service." Also, if you’re using a VPN, you might want to turn it off for playing Elden Ring.

There are a few mods that shouldn't trigger Easy Anti-Cheat, including this one that skips the blinding Bandai Namco splash screen.

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