Elden Ring Players Discover Kart Racing… Kind Of

There's no end to the interesting little secrets and details you'll find in Elden Ring. You go down one normal looking tunnel, and soon you're face to face with a Lovecraftian horror that launches miniature galaxies which go supernova at you. Much like Skyrim, it looks like FromSoftware's latest will be played for a long time, with new secrets being discovered for years to come. Not to mention mods, which will only get better over time.

Take for instance, this group of Tarnished spotted by GameRant. Instead of invading and brutally murdering each other, they decided to settle things via a friendly little kart race. Of course, a place devoid of happiness, like The Lands Between, doesn't have karts of its own lying around, so the group decided to become carts themselves. Yes, the spelling change was on purpose.

Using the Mimic Veil, an object that lets Tarnished disguise themselves as a nearby object during invasions, the four turned themselves into mining carts and decided to race their way through a mine. The video is courtesy of Redditor, bsmiff. It's all fun and games, but The Lands Between always takes its toll – what looked like a friendly race soon ended in death as the race leader misjudged the path and plummeted to the abyss below. It did look absolutely hilarious though, especially with the original Mario Kart theme playing in the background.

However, on rare occasions, The Lands Between will take pity on the lowly Tarnished. Something like that happened last week, when boss fights featuring multiple adversaries were toned down in difficulty. While these bosses earlier had no qualms in smacking you around at the same time, the games 1.04 update changed the formula a bit.

The update made it so that both bosses don't wail at you at the same time continuously. Now, one of them will hang back for a bit, giving you one-on-one time with either of them. This will make clearing those dungeons a bit easier as you can take on the bosses one at a time. Your summon will also be able to soften up the second boss for you while you pummel the first one.

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