Elden Ring’s Best Side Quest Is Now Easier To Find

There has been a fair bit of discussion, and a little bit of discourse, when it comes to the amount of hours people can and are willing to pump into a game. It began when Techland proudly revealed Dying Light 2 would include more than 500 hours of content. Not knowing the backlash that reveal would stir up, the studio behind the sequel later added that the 500-hour label is only for those who want to explore absolutely everything the game has to offer.

While it hasn't sparked controversy like Dying Light 2, it's highly likely many of you reading this have dedicated a lot of hours to Elden Ring. The Lands Between is a vast area, and odds are when you're eventually done with the game you still won't have seen it all. That realization must be somewhat disappointing for FromSoftware, which is likely why a recent Elden Ring update has made one of the game's less-discovered side quests easier to find.

The side quest is activated when you happen upon Boc the Seamster. If you haven't encountered Boc, well, clearly FromSoftware's right to make this side quest easier to find. The rest of the article includes minor spoilers linked to Boc and his side quest, so stop reading now if you have heard enough and you would like to go discover the NPC for yourself.

Boc is disguised as a small tree and prior to the update, players would only hear his voice if they ventured very close to him. Since Boc is hidden away in an otherwise unassuming patch of greenery, there isn't really any reason for you to go close to him unless you know he's there. Following the update, not only can you now hear Boc's voice from much farther away, but an Arteria Leaf has also been added to the area so that players actually have a reason to explore it.

Boc's quest is actually one of the best in the entire game. A touching story about how he has struggled through life looking the way that he does. It's unclear when exactly these changes were made, but it may have been the same patch that has returned Radahn to full strength after he was accidentally nerfed. Maybe steer clear of the frankly terrifying boss and instead go meet Boc. It's worth the detour.

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