Empire Of Sin: How To Increase Your Revenue

The biggest part of becoming the best mob boss in Chicago when playing Empire of Sin is generating an income that is greater than any other criminal in the city. This means increasing your revenue by utilizing various techniques to make sure business is always booming. It is a science to be able to become one of the best, but it is something anyone can learn how to do with a little help.

There are a few tips and tricks that will greatly increase the market value of your businesses and help you become a high-roller in each of the neighborhoods. It might take a bit of risk and an entrepreneurial mind, but everyone has what it takes to become the biggest mob boss in Chicago when playing Empire of Sin.

Understanding The Different Types Of Rackets

There are several different types of rackets you can create which will make you a profit. They are the main way you generate revenue in Empire of Sin, as well as how you make your way up the ranks to become the top mob boss in Chicago.

You can open one simply by taking over a derelict building using the turn-based combat system, or buying a building, and choosing to transform it into a business.

The different types of rackets include:

  • Brothel
  • Casino
  • Speakeasy
  • Brewery
  • Hotel
  • Safehouse


Brothels provide a steady income and are very cheap to start, but their revenue shows it. They have regular customers and a very low profit threshold which is why this shouldn’t be your main focus, although it never hurts to throw up a few around the neighborhood as it doesn’t require alcohol to operate.


A Casino can be quite expensive to start, and it is a high risk and high reward establishment. The biggest worry is that if someone does happen to win big, then your profit will plummet.

However, the customers don’t need alcohol and the payout is immense which is why this is a popular choice.


The Speakeasy is the bread-and-butter of your income as this is the basis of the entire Prohibition period in this historically accurate game. The only downfall is that it needs a brewery to operate, and it requires quite a bit of monitoring in order to run correctly.

Just make sure to change the alcohol they serve based on the preferences of your customers in the area by going to the Alcohol Tab in your radial menu.


The Brewery is the racket where you produce the alcohol, and you should have several of these up and running. They should produce different types of alcohol to cover the swings of your customers’ desires.

The more you upgrade the different types of alcohol you will be able to make, and you can even create poison to sabotage rival gangs.


The Hotel can only be added once you have enough Synergy, which means putting up certain numbers of different rackets. The great thing about the hotel is that it brings more customers to the neighborhood and can lead to increased profits, even though it doesn’t make a profit itself.


A Safehouse not only serves as a base for your neighborhood, but it also produces alcohol as well. This is great as it serves as a backup in case your breweries are raided or taken over.

Upgrading Your Rackets

You need to upgrade your rackets in order to increase your profits. The best way to do this is to increase your establishment’s draw, but the downside to this is that it creates suspicion that can cause it to be raided.

This is why you must protect it with security and invest in deflection in order to keep your rackets safe in this game with a turn-based combat system.

Focusing On Synergy

Synergy occurs when you have certain combinations of rackets in a single neighborhood. You want to create them as it provides you with bonuses, and placing a hotel will allow you to double them. One thing to keep in mind is that rackets can only count toward one synergy, so a single building can’t be used to help you achieve multiple bonuses.

Here are all of the synergies you can create:

  • Straight: One building of each type of racket (+10%)
  • Full-House: Three of a kind and two of another kind of racket (+7.5%)
  • Three of a Kind: Three buildings of the same type of racket (+5.0%)
  • Two-Pair: Two pairs of rackets of different types (+2.5%)
  • Five of a Kind: Five buildings of the same type of racket (+12.5%)

Playing Politics

You need to play your cards right when making trades and taking deals, as they could really work in your favor. A lot of deals don’t have a downside, but you do have to weigh their worth when another mob boss offers you something in return for the break of your deal.

There is also the option to trade with these other factions, as well as go to war with them in order to take things they have that you want. Just make sure you are ready to pay the consequences in case you don’t have the manpower to help you win.

Ransacking Buildings

If you have a ton of rackets in a certain area, it is sometimes better to just ransack a building and take all of the money and loot it is holding. The only downside to this is that it does take time, but you also have nothing to lose.

The building will eventually go back into circulation for you to take, so at the end of the day, it isn’t a complete loss if you choose to go this route.

Complete Missions

Missions are by far the easiest way to make money, especially early on in the game. A single mission could bring in over $20,000 which is a lot of dough when you have nothing.

You want to balance raiding buildings and starting wars with the completion of missions, this way you can slowly upgrade and expand without breaking the bank.

Expand To New Neighborhoods

Once you have done all you can do in a certain neighborhood, then it is time to expand. You can check to see what percentage of the profits are yours in a certain area by entering the map view.

The one thing to keep in mind is that jumping from place to place is counterproductive for increasing profits and you want to stick in a single neighborhood as long as you possibly can. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your empire will also take time to grow and increase its revenue in this strategy RPG.

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