EQQO Walkthrough – Chapter 5

EQQO is a puzzle game where the player has to direct a blindfolded boy around the game world, while also keeping a giant egg safe. Though you probably know that as you’re so close to the end. This last guide will help see you through to the ending.

Map 31

Go to the sealed door on the right and break it open by tossing a stone on it. Go through the door and Eqqo will appear on the bottom floor. Break the next sealed door and go through it. Put the egg in the mirror contraption, rub the fresco on the wall (revealing a target), put Eqqo’s hand in the head statue, and reflect the light onto the target. Retrieve the egg, go back through the door to the bottom area and go through the egg door.

Map 32

Break the sealed door, send Eqqo through the grate (while keeping an eye on the egg – throw rocks at the shadows if they get too close) and send him through the door. Put Eqqo’s hand in the head statue, pull the chain and lifting the grate, then quickly send him back up to grab the egg and bring it back through the door. Step onto the plate with the egg, causing a dial to appear. Spin the dial to lower the lift. Step onto the lift and spin the dial to raise the lift. Move a barrel onto the plate to keep the dial out and use the lift to go up a level. Put the egg in the contraption upstairs, then send Eqqo back down and put his hand in the right-facing statue, allowing the contraption to be controlled. The target is buried beneath a dirty fresco on the ceiling above. Shine the light using the contraption on the target, which will raise the door. Go back and get the egg, then go through the egg door.


Map 33

Eqqo will drop the egg and the Bell Ringer will grab it, but he won’t eat it. Grab a rock and wait for the shadows to grab the egg, then toss the rock and grab the egg. Break the sealed doors. One of the sealed doors leads to a head statue, which drops a chain that can lift the cage around the contraption. Put the egg in the contraption then go into the other door, which leads to a head statue that can raise the contraption. Shine the light on the Bell Ringer to petrify him, breaking off his arm. Put one arm on a pressure plate, grab the egg from the contraption, and stand on the other, unveiling the final egg door.

Map 34

Step onto the pressure plate to reveal a wheel in the wall. Spin the wheel to drop the bridge and climb onto the boat. Take the boat across the water, approach the last door and put the egg on the throne.

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