Even The Day Before’s Discord Mods Doubt The Game Is Real

On the surface, there doesn't appear to be anything particularly difficult or groundbreaking about The Day Before. A third-person survival horror zombie MMO with gunplay like The Division and survival elements like Day-Z. Throw in some fancy graphics, some crafting, and some realistic-looking vehicular traversal, and you've got the most wishlisted game on Steam.

Or what used to be the most wishlisted game. The Day Before mysteriously fell off the platform just days ago, with developer Fntastic citing a trademark issue taking the Steam store page down. The developer also announced another delay to November 10, 2023, promising that yet more gameplay footage would be broadcast just as soon as it gets this trademark issue sorted.

Fans were already skeptical of this excuse, with some accusing Fntastic itself of taking down The Day Before's trailer and screenshots before making the store listing private. Now there's mounting evidence that The Day Before might not even be a real game at all.

As spotted by Skill Up, The Day Before's lead Discord mod "Wholf" is beginning to question the game's existence. "Those who wonder if the game is real," they wrote, "I'm wondering the same right now as well." Wholf also confirmed that nobody on the mod team has seen actual gameplay, either.

Fntastic has released quite a few convincing gameplay trailers already, but they've always been pre-recorded. We've never actually seen someone play a development build live. There's no demo, and nothing other than Fntastic's word that the game even exists. For all we know, all those previous trailers were just movies created in Unreal.

The Day Before isn’t the only game that might be entirely fake. Blue Box Studios’ Abandoned is also widely believed to not exist after years of development, false rumors, and a prologue that amounted to little more than a few seconds of footsteps in a dark room.

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