Everspace 2 Is Out On Steam Early Access Today

The day has finally come for Rockfish Games’ new space looter shooter. Everspace 2 has arrived on Steam Early Access with an introductory price of $39.99 USD. And to celebrate the occasion, we even have a brand new trailer to show off.

Everspace 2 will pick up where Everspace 1 left off. A reborn conflict between the Colonial humans and the Okkar reptile aliens has been averted, but the ending of Everspace 1 still had factories pumping out human clones at an alarming pace, and it’s up to the hero of the first game to stop it. Or maybe join in? We’re not sure, but clone factories have never led to a good outcome in other media.

Unlike Everspace 1, Everspace 2 eschews the roguelike mechanics for a persistent world where what you scavenge from the wrecks of alien spacecraft is yours to keep even if you accidentally blow yourself up once or twice. You’ll have a save file that doesn’t eat itself if you die, giving you a consistent progression to your goal.

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And also unlike Everspace 1, Everspace 2 will have an even greater emphasis on loot. Rockfish has described Everspace 2 as a space-based looter shooter for a reason, and we expect to see stats and equipment tables from this game.

As an early access game, Everspace 2 is starting off with a 20-hours long campaign with a few side missions here and there. More will be added to the game over the Early Access period, which will go on for as long as Rockfish feels like.

Mouse and keyboard controls will give you the Freelancer-style experience, but joystick and HOTAS support is there for those that want the more authentic space sim feel. Deep exploration and a variety of spaceships to choose from will allow players to customize their style in a way that Everspace 1 never allowed.

You can also get Everspace 2 on GOG if you prefer. It’s out there today too.

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