Every Clan In Frozenheim, Ranked

Frozenheim is a game largely about decision-making. Being an RTS, this is one of the core principles that make it interesting. Where do you X, when do you push Y, and all that good stuff. Clans are one of the more interesting decisions you can make because there is no coming back from it.

Clans are permanent choices that determine just how effective you are going to be in any given game at any given task. Some Clans are more aggressive, others are more Defensive. Heck, some just love to run around and tame random bears. Each scenario will demand something different from you, and Clans can help tip the balance in your favour.

4 Raven Clan

Before we dig into the Raven Clan, we just want to preface that there are no “bad” Clans in Frozenheim. They are all-powerful, and they can all be used to great effect. Unfortunately, the worst of the bunch is probably the Raven Clan. This is simply down to a very specific focus that doesn’t always apply.

The Raven Clan is all about Religion and Exploration. These are two powerful things, as Runestones can instantly win the game, and scouting is a vital part of the gameplay loop. However, every Clan can scout, and every Clan can use Runestones. The real kicker is that not every map or scenario uses Runestones, so the Raven Clans' biggest draw – Loki’s Sight – is completely worthless.

There are other reasons to take the Clan of course, but when a significant boon to your faction is removed, you can’t help but feel like you are playing at a disadvantage. No other Clan has a scenario where their abilities simply don’t work. The final nail is that Runestones don’t change location. If you know where they are from experience, then that entire ability is worthless 100 percent of the time. Ouch.

3 Wolf Clan

Two Clans specialise in combat, and they are both very good at it. So good that we hummed and harred for quite some time before placing the Wolf Clan at number three. When it comes to unrelenting aggression, the Wolf Clan is where it is at. They have the strongest units, they make them more efficient, and they have access to the brutally powerful Berserker.

Everything the Wolf Clan does is combat-focused. They have very little incentive to play slow and play the long game. Their people are happier when blood is shed, their warriors are especially good at it, and in the early game, nothing can stand up to their unique units.

If you are playing Wolf Clan, you are going in hard and fast. No mercy, no respite. If an enemy Clan is not running a similarly focused combat strategy or Clan, you might just barrel through them in a single strike. They are masters of their craft.

2 Bear Clan

The Wolf Clan sounds pretty darn good, but the Bear Clan does a lot of what the Wolf Clan does, without sacrificing in other areas. Whilst not as damaging as the Wolf Clan, the Bear Clan is incredibly hard to shift thanks to a seemingly endless number of ways they can enhance their defences.

Their units and buildings have more HP. Their units and buildings have more armour. They can build armies that cost almost no resources, and they can construct more siege weapons than anyone else. They are turtles who can strike out with an unstoppable wave of ranged supremacy and tankiness.

A prepared Bear Clan can repel just about any invasion and then retaliate in such a truly devastating way. They are efficient in just about every way, and this is why they are so powerful. They can attack, they can defend, and their production is boosted purely because they don’t use anywhere near as many resources.

1 Deer Clan

How do you top the Bear Clan? Surely they are the undisputed master of Frozenheim? Well, the Deer Clan does a pretty good job. Not because they are powerful in terms of combat, but because they are unmatched when it comes to Production. The Deer Clan can make the largest armies, horde the most resources, and produce the toughest unit once they get going.

No Clan can hoard as many resources as the Deer Clan. They have more of everything, and they can make even more of it almost at will. They have so many excess resources, that having access to a Trader or Marketplace results in infinite resources. You can just buy everything you want, and get a fantastic deal on that purchase to boot.

Not only that, the cost to upgrade the Deer Clans tech is noticeably lower than other factions. You can rapidly gain abilities as the Deer Clan, and not feel the resource hit. Once you get to the end game, then you also gain access to the Housecarl – a unit that specialises in killing other infantry. Every unit in Frozenheim (bar siege weapons) is an infantry unit. The Deer Clan get rich, rapidly upgrade, gain one of the best units in the game, and then win.

They are easy to use, powerful, and the ultimate jack-of-all-trades. They just so happen to be the master of all.

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