Every Hi-Fi Rush Character, Ranked

If there's one thing that Hi-Fi Rush has plenty of, it's personality. The vibrant, action-packed rhythm-based platformer is brimming with colorful levels, spectacular attacks, and enough humor to make the most joyless security bot crack a smile.

Hi-Fi Rush's charm extends to its incredible cast of over-the-top characters, all of whom are good for a laugh or two. Even the game's enemies are hard to hate, despite your desire to beat them senseless with a makeshift guitar. Whether they're a trustworthy friend or a villainous foe, here's our ranking of every major character in the game.

10 Kale

Kale Vanderlay is the shady CEO of Vanderlay Electronics, the manipulative corporation controlling the lives of it's surrounding citizens, and he's just as slick and cynical as you'd expect. Despite originally Chai a replacement arm through Vanderlay's limb replacement program, he secretly planned to designate Chai to the organization's waste management team, showcasing his opinion on those who he considers to be beneath him.

Kale is often hiding secrets from even his highest-ranking employees, working on side projects and making morally questionable deals to keep Vanderlay at the top of the food chain. Like every character in the game, he certainly has his moments, but Kale is still the least over-the-top villain of the bunch, which also makes him the least entertaining. On the plus side, this makes it easy to root for his downfall.

9 Roquefort

The leader of Vanderlay's Finance department, Roquefort, is appropriately miserly. His unending greed makes him perfect for the role, and that may be a part of the reason that Kale seems to have a peculiar sense of admiration for the unfeeling man. He also showcases a sincere loyalty toward Kale due to their history together.

Vanderlay's employees tend to take their roles at work to great extremes, and Roquefort's position is certainly no exception. He tends to take his Scrooge-like tendencies to genuinely amusing extremes, although I'm sure his employees don't find his habits all that funny. Even among all of Vanderlay's nefarious leaders, Roquefort is one mogul we'd definitely want to avoid.

8 Mimosa

Vanderlay's resident arrogant pop star, Mimosa, is one of the biggest personalities you'll encounter among the company's higher management. Bold, arrogant, and constantly thinking about herself, Mimosa is a narcissist in every sense of the word.

Mimosa's efforts to run the Marketing department only vaguely disguise her true intentions of promoting herself by any means. She unquestionably knows how to work a crowd, but she's usually spinning the situation to benefit her in some way. She also has a habit of putting down those who she dislikes, most notably the security head Korsica, who proves to be one of the few reasonable individuals in the company.

7 Zanzo

Vanderlay's Research and Development department is run by Zanzo, the green haired perfectionist with a knack for going over budget. His pet projects tend to showcase his boundless ambitions, and he refuses to let the limitations of his employees interrupt his goals.

Fortunately, Zanzo has a habit of running off his mouth more than anything, with very little positive progress to show for his efforts. Despite his cool hair and his tendency to pull off a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure reference or two, he's undoubtedly one of the more insufferable members of Vanderlay's top brass, but it honestly makes him that much more entertaining to witness.

6 Macaron

One of the most helpful individuals you'll meet, and by far the nicest Vanderlay Electronics employee around, Macaron is a kind hearted-pacifist and tech genius. As Peppermint's "man on the inside", he'll assist you with upgrades, and use his massive strength to help punch obstacles and enemies, no matter how much he'd prefer not to.

Macaron might be a bit nervous and shy, but his good-natured personality makes him hard to dislike. The gentle giant is always there when you're in a pinch, serving as one of the most reliable members of the team, and he's an excellent voice of reason when Peppermint's short temper gets the better of her.

5 Chai

Our resident hero and the protagonist of the game, Chai isn't necessarily the most wise or noble protagonist around. In fact, he frequently screws up, makes silly comments, and gets his face smashed in by the game's enemies, all while stumbling his way through each section of Vandelay Electronics.

But honestly, that's what makes Chai so charming. He's just a lovable oaf who's constantly stumbling along the path to success, yet he somehow manages to pull through for his friends every time. And believe it or not, he usually looks like pretty cool while doing it. Chai is one rock star who marches to his own beat.

4 Korsica

Korsica runs Security at Vanderlay Electronics, and she does so with an iron fist. Strong-willed and determined, Korsica often acts as Vanderlay CEO Kale's personal muscle, subduing threats as they make themselves known throughout the company.

Despite Korsica's affiliation with Vanderlay, she manages to be one of the company's few level-headed employees, often serving as a rare voice of reason among the group. She also runs the Security division with an admirable mix of strict leadership and casual bewilderment, watching the progress of rebels like Chai and company with a curious interest, though she's often frustrated by both the disrupting defect and her moronic security force alike.

3 Peppermint

Peppermint is a spunky, smart, and determined rebel who assists Chai on his adventure, often with the aid of her robotic cat, 808. She's got the tech skills to help take Chai's abilities to another level, and she's not too shabby with her trusty firearms either.

By far the most sensible member of the game's ragtag group of rebels, Peppermint's charm comes from her ability to pull everyone together in pursuit of her own goals. She might have a short temper and a tendency to give Chai a hard time, but it often serves as the kick in the pants that he needs to help keep the mission on track. Besides, he usually deserves it.

2 Rekka

The head of Vanderlay's production department, Rekka, is an absolute powerhouse of a person. Her unmatched energy is reflected in her tendency to write out memos to her employees in all caps, her constant yelling, and the fact that she wears a championship belt with her name on it at all times.

Rekka is essentially aggression personified. She may be the first boss you encounter, but she's among the most intimidating, constantly flexing and threatening anyone standing in her way. Watching her refer to herself in third person as she shakes the room with her booming voice never really gets old.


A self-described psych evaluation robot, CNMN (pronounced "cinnamon") is the hilariously quirky and overly analytical assistant to the gentle giant Macaron. When he's not aiding Macaron with his secret projects, he's having ridiculously animated conversations while drawing new faces over his blank robotic expression, giving every conversation a huge burst of personality and life.

CNMN is a joy to interact with in basically every conversation. Everything, from his manner of speaking, to his incredible facial expressions, to his name (which is somehow an acronym for "Consciousness Review Allocation Personnel") provides a constant stream of entertainment throughout your journey.

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