Everything You Need To Know About Chlorine In Oxygen Not Included

In Oxygen Not Included there are a lot of substances and materials that are used to keep your Duplicants alive that can also kill them if not properly contained or used appropriately. One such substance that has plagued many players is chlorine.

Chlorine, both in the game and in real life, is a toxic gas that, if not properly contained, has many harmful effects, number one being death. Fortunately, there are a number of ways it can improve the lives of your duplicants, and it can be an effective tool to keep their little hearts beating just a little longer—you just have to know how to use it.

Updated February 17th, 2021 by Ben Baker: Thanks to recent updates to the game there are new ways to obtain and use Chlorine. It’s not a game changing substance, but with more uses it offers players other alternatives than simply dumping it into space and wasting it. If you haven’t been using Chlorine these new potential uses may change your mind.

15 How It’s Obtained

There are three main ways to obtain chlorine other than finding random pockets of it; chlorine gas vents, bleach stone, and Rust Deoxidizers. The gas vents will pump out chlorine continuously, and bleach stone will emit chlorine after it’s been mined. For a renewable source of chlorine, you obviously want to seek out the Gas Vents, which will always appear in caustic biomes.

It’s important to note that bleach stone is highly unstable, and, if not properly contained, will convert to chlorine which may or may not be useful for you. To prevent this conversion, stick it in an area filled with carbon dioxide or any liquid.

When the Rust Deoxidizer is used it produces Oxygen, Iron Ore, and Chlorine. The Chlorine is largely a byproduct as it only produces 30 grams of it a second. Still for players using Rust Deoxidizers to clean out Rust Biomes it’s another source of this handy gas.

14 It Floats In The Middle

As mentioned before, chlorine is a toxic gas. It’s heavier than oxygen, but it’s lighter than carbon dioxide, which means this substance will float between the two in any given space. This is really important to remember when you’re trying to store it.

It’s also important to remember if you just need to get rid of it. Many players, especially in the beginning, will have a large cavernous space below their base to trap carbon dioxide and water until they can use it more effectively later. If the space is large enough, you can trap chlorine too, but additional carbon dioxide will float it upward so keep that in mind.

13 In A Liquid State

Chlorine, if cooled below -34.6 °C, will turn into a liquid state, which can be useful for transporting chlorine safely to other areas of your base or can be used as a very effective coolant. It’s also the only way to irrigate Gas Grass, which is used with Gassy Moos in natural gas farms.

To obtain liquid chlorine, you can either find it naturally in the Frozen Biome or produce it yourself by using a Thermo Regulator. Keep in mind that, once it reaches a temperature above -34.6 °C, it will turn back into a gas.

12 Disinfect Rooms

The main use of chlorine is to act as a disinfectant. It’s the single best way to clear a room full of germs quickly after it has been contaminated. You can transport chlorine via a gas pump paired with a gas filter and send it through gas piping to the desired location.

Alternatively, you could transport it in its liquid state and then heat it until it turns into a gas, or you could place bleach stone in the area you wish to disinfect and wait for it to convert to chlorine. It takes a full cycle to disinfect any given room.

11 Disinfect Duplicants

Chlorine can also be an effective way to prevent duplicants from spreading diseases. Similar to an airlock or sterilization corridor, for quarantine purposes you can create a room filled with chlorine gas to function the same way. It has to be in a room with an airlock or a water airlock to prevent chlorine from leaking to other parts of your base.

Once set up, you’ll simply have Duplicants walk through the room to disinfect all surface germs on their body. Be sure to keep them moving through the area, as chlorine is unbreathable, and they will die if they stay too long.

10 Disinfect Water

Chlorine can also be used to disinfect water by pumping it to your water storage and letting it hover above the surface of the water. After a full cycle, the entire supply of water will be sterilized, and you can pump out the chlorine with no ill effects or pollution of the water.

9 Prevent Spoilage

Chlorine can also be used to keep your food fresh and clean indefinitely. If food is stored in a room full of chlorine, it will never obtain the germs that cause food spoilage. Contrary to popular belief, there will be no negative side effects from storing food in a chlorine-filled room.

8 Combat Slimelung

Slimelung is perhaps the most stubborn germ that has killed many duplicants through various playthroughs. Fortunately for players, chlorine can be used to combat Slimelung. To do this, either fill a slime room with chlorine and prevent the germ from ever occurring or bathe your infected items in a room filled with chlorine.

Like food, the items can be stored there indefinitely and never become infected. It won’t cure a Duplicant that’s already diseased, but it can be a great way to prevent them from becoming contaminated.

7 Fuel For Ore Scrubbers

Chlorine acts as a fuel for Ore Scrubber machines that will use the gas to kill germs found on raw ores and can also be used to disinfect water bottles. It’s yet another great way chlorine can be used to ensure your base is germ-free and keep your duplicants safe.

6 Balm Lily Farm

Balm Lily are useful plants that can be used to produce balm lily flowers which are used in creating Medicine Packs. Alternatively, the plant itself serves as food for Dreckos, which are useful for producing a number of different resources.

While most plants will die in a chlorine-filled environment, balm lily actually requires a chlorine atmosphere to grow. Given how useful balm lilies are, it’s highly recommended to secure chlorine to create a garden.

5 Squeaky Pufts And Puft Princes Love It

While standard Pufts breathe polluted oxygen to produce slime, the Squeaky Puft variant actually breathes in chlorine to produce bleach stone. This is a highly efficient way to store unwanted chlorine in a non-gaseous state, as bleach stone is easier to transport. You can also put a Squeaky Puft next to a chlorine gas vent to create a renewable source of bleach stone to create hand sanitizers.

Puft Princes will only excrete Slime when they consume Chlorine, but they are needed to produce their eggs. If players are considering a Puft far then get the Puft Prince, otherwise just stick with Squeaky Pufts to produce Bleachstone.

4 Dasha Saltvine

Dasha Saltvine is a plant that feeds off of Chlorine in the air. Dasha Satlvine can be harvested for 65 kg of Salt. The level of consumption is rather small, it only needs six grams of Chlorine a second or 3.6 kg per cycle.

Players can have Chlorine flow through rooms of Dasha Saltvine on the way to a more efficient use. It’s not a great place to store excess Chlorine as it likely won’t be consumed fast enough. Consider it another cog of a Chlorine system that produces Salt.

3 Gas Grass

Gas Grass is a very handy plant to cultivate. It can be used to run fed into a Natural Gas Generator to produce electricity or fed to Gassy Moos to produce Natural Gas. Because Gas Grass consumes Chlorine its effectively a way to convert Chlorine into something more valuable like electricity or Natural Gas.

The Chlorine must be in liquid form for the Gas Grass to absorb it so players must cool it sufficiently. Gas Grass requires 500 grams a cycle. It’s a great primary use of Chlorine or a fantastic way to ensure the excess isn’t wasted.

2 Heat Insulator

Out of all the gases in the game Chlorine is by far the best heat insulator. Players in a pinch can trap Chlorine around a room they’re trying to control the temperature of. Functionally it acts as a s lightly worse Insulated Tile that’s made out of Ceramic.

While Chlorine can be used this ways it’s advised the player doesn’t try. There are far better insulation methods and its tough to compress Chlorine enough to make a noticeable difference. As stated it’s better than nothing.

1 Dump It Into Space

If you’d rather not mess with chlorine and just want to remove it from your base—though that’s not something we would recommend, given its myriad uses—then you can simply pump the gas into space. Trap the chlorine in an airtight room and use a gas pump with a gas filter connected to gas piping leading to space and wait for it to be sucked out.

Again, this is not recommended, as, with proper precautions and a little planning, chlorine can be used as a coolant, for sanitization, to combat Slimelung, grow balm lilies, irrigate gas grass, and to prevent food spoilage. All of which are highly useful in keeping your Duplicants alive.

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