Evil Dead: The Game To Receive Long-Awaited Castle Kandar Update On July 13

Evil Dead: The Game's long-awaited Army of Darkness update arrives on July 13 with the arrival of the Castle Kandar map.

When Evil Dead: The Game launched back in May, it surprised many players with its unique take on the asymmetric horror genre and its love of the source material, quickly earning it a loyal community. Over time, however, that community has grown impatient waiting for more content to be added, with Saber Interactive confirming that content based on Army of Darkness was on the way.

After teasing the map and update several times over the last month, Saber has finally confirmed that the Castle Kandar update is coming to Evil Dead: The Game on July 13, just a few days from now. It shared a new look at the map through a selection of in-game icons, giving us a look at the windmill, two shots of the castle itself, and some kind of hut with a skeleton hung up outside.

Alongside the images, the Evil Dead Twitter account shared this caption, making reference to Army of Darkness, "The banners are hung, and the torches are lit. On July 13, all loudmouthed braggarts from the future are welcome to experience Castle Kandar."

Interestingly, it seems like the Castle Kandar map might just be the start of the Army of Darkness content, as a Tweet from earlier in the month highlighting Castle Kandar indicated that more than the map was planned for release in the future, "There is an evil awakened in this land. In July, prepare to encounter the horrors of Castle Kandar. Who wants some? Play the free new map, and stay tuned for additional content to be announced as part of the Army of Darkness update".

Whether that means that players can expect more content to come on July 13, or if the Tweet was referring to more Army of Darkness content being added after the map is unclear, but Evil Dead players can seemingly expect more than just a new location to play in.

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