Evil Genius 2 Allows You To Shoot Your Minions… In Photo Mode

As the launch of Evil Genius 2 draws closer Rebellion has launched a brand new cinematic trailer that includes unseen gameplay footage. This “World Domination 101” walks you through everything you need to know about getting started in your new nefarious career. We also have more information about photo mode, which allows you to shoot your minions with style, as well as the game’s post-launch plans.

Evil Genius 2 may be a sequel but there’s no barrier to entry in the game. Taking over the world is as much fun for newcomers as it is for world domination veterans. There are four different Evil Geniuses to play as, along with traps to suit all tastes. Each Genius also has their own storyline to play through and Doomsday Device to build. You can build and customize your lair the way you want it. You can even make yourself a fancy golden office. Just take a look.

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We already know the game will have a sandbox mode, but another feature just announced for the game is Photo Mode, which will be included at launch. This will allow you to adjust camera settings and options in order to capture your lair and its inhabitants at their best. Shoot your minions with a range of options including focal distance and field of view adjustments, as well as being able to toggle the visibility of different characters. You can even apply filters and overlays. Just be careful not to reveal all your evil plans on social media…

While we already know that the Evil Genius 2 Deluxe Edition will include Season Pass One, we also have more details about what this will entail. The campaign pack will include a new playable Genius, as well as a new island lair to call your own and an extra Force of Justice to squash. This will be supplemented by two minion packs and two henchmen packs, adding additional types of these characters. There will also be new room types, traps, items, and more. After launch, more details of the Season Pass will be revealed, including a roadmap for the release of content.

Evil Genius 2 will be launching on March 30 on Steam and the 10-15% pre-order discount is still running.

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