Evo 2019 news round-up: Tekken 7 and King Of Fighters XV, but no Solid Snake

The biggest fighting game tournament of the year has brought with it a slew of related news, including a new Guilty Gear.

Street Fighter V’s big reveal may have been spoiled ahead of time but Evo 2019 at the weekend still had plenty of other fighting game news to keep fans happy.

For starters, there was news that Tekken 6 character Zafina and all-new addition Leory Smith are coming to Tekken 7 as part of the game’s third season pass.

But despite some reports to the contrary Solid Snake will not be joining them, as although there was a new codec video at the event apparently it was just meant to be a joke and was created by the Evo organisers, not Bandai Namco or Konami.

What is real though is The King Of Fighters XV, although there was no information about it and no footage was shown beyond a logo.

Considering how well SNK’s Samurai Shodown reboot turned out though it’s definitely something worth getting excited about.

Speaking of Samurai Shodown, not only is it getting five more DLC characters this year but Haohmaru is going to be part of the second season pass for Soulcalibur VI.

It’s implied he’ll be the second new addition for the season pass though, and there’s so far no clue who the first will be. Cassandra will be the final extra for the first season pass though, so it’s not her.

And then finally there was a teaser for a new, unnamed Guilty Gear game. It’ll be out next year and as usual the graphics – which remain one of the best kept secrets in gaming – are absolutely stunning.

Developer Arc System Works’ biggest hit remains Dragon Ball FighterZ though and there was a new character for that as well, although we have to admit we’ve no idea who Janemba actually is.

But actually, that wasn’t quite the last bit of news, as League Of Legends developer Riot Games announced they are making a fighting game. Or rather developer Radiant Entertainment, who were working on Rising Thunder before were bought by Riot in 2016, are making it.

Again, there was no actual information so it’s impossible to know whether it’ll be an original game or something using League Of Legends characters as fighters.

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