Expeditions: Rome – 10 Best Tactical Items

Expeditions: Rome is a hex-based tactical RPG from THQ Nordic. The various skills and equipment you can acquire for your Praetorian guard are formidable, but there's also a wellspring of strategic options awaiting you with the Tactical Items (as befits the inventive and brutally effective war machine of Ancient Rome). Outfitting your team in a tactical RPG is critical to success, and Expeditions: Rome is no exception.

Any class can make use of Tactical Items, so no matter which subclasses you choose you can supplement your class abilities. Always keep your two fixed Tactical Item slots well-stocked to give yourself more options in combat. Set fires, slow your enemies, speed up completing your objectives, and save lives with the best Tactical Items for Expeditions: Rome.

10 A Pilum Will Shred Foes' Armor

With a range of six hexes, the Pilum (or Pila, plural) is a solid ranged attack option. It demolishes enemy shields and applies Shieldbroken, preventing them from recovering Shield Strength. An enemy without the protection of a shield will have their armor reduced instead.

The Pilum comes in several ranks. Higher ranks deal more damage and shred more armor. Against enemies with high armor values, negating their damage reduction is invaluable. With impressive range, damage, and debuffing potential, the Pilum is a fantastic Tactical Item. You'll find them in special stocks around the environment.

9 Throwing Knives Add Ranged Utility

Throwing Knives allow your Praetorian to chip health from a safe distance. Chip damage can soften up tough enemies or finish off weakened opponents. Higher ranks improve the performance of your Throwing Knives. This Tactical Item adds some nice utility and range for melee-focused units like the Princeps.

There are times when it may be more advantageous to use some Throwing Knives rather than engage an enemy in melee combat. Using something with more range keeps your party in formation and prevents enemies from picking off lone wolves. A character out of position is in great danger, since they're easy to punish with concentrated attacks.

8 Bandages Save Lives

Bandages are a quintessential healing item. You can use Bandages to save injured Praetorians from dying and cure Bleeding. Applying a Bandage by itself won't wake an incapacitated Praetorian. While any unit can utilize Bandages, the Triarius class can make them more potent. Keep a few on other units as insurance, just in case your healers go down.

Your speediest Praetorian is a good candidate for carrying Bandages. The Vinegar Bandage variant (crafted with Vinegar and Linen) cures Poisoned and restores 10 percent of the unit's maximum health each turn, providing a helpful heal-over-time (HoT) effect.

7 Torches Are A Real Firestarter

A Torch sets an enemy or object on fire. Besides the obvious discomfort, Burning deals two damage each turn. It's a nasty damage-over-time (DoT) effect that can help chip away at enemies. Torches light the hex on fire as well.

Be careful when using this item, though, as oiled or wooden surfaces can catch fire and cause the flames to spread out of control. Despite its inherent risk, fire is a great area denial tool. Packing a Torch as a Tactical Item will allow you to easily start fires, and it has great synergy with Oil Jars (which are crafting materials to make them, along with Linen).

6 Oil Jars Help Spread Flames Further

The Oil Jar is a power amplifier. It makes a single hex and every hex around it oily. Oil gives anyone standing there the Unsteady debuff. It's great for defense, as an Unsteady character cannot dodge, parry, or score a critical hit. This is a death sentence for units that rely on evading attacks or utilizing critical hits.

Oil Jars also make the surface highly flammable, letting you inflict fire damage. One method for safely burning things is to set surfaces alight with Fire Arrows from a distance. The multiple uses offered by seemingly simple Oil Jars make them a good Tactical Item to take with you on your Expeditions.

5 Water Jugs Control Those Deadly Flames

Water Jugs act much like Oil Jars, targeting a hex and the six hexes around it. Water extinguishes burning hexes. With how easy it is to set things on fire, Water Jugs act as both a counter and preventative measure.

Allies hit with Water Jugs become Wet. The Wet status effect increases a character's fire resistance by 80 percent. This makes it far less likely that they'll be set aflame, and it will be much easier for the character to pass a fire resistance check to remove the Burning status effect. If you use fire effects, outfit some of your Praetorians with Water Jugs in case they get out of control. 100 Denarri and varying-quality salvage are required for Water Jugs, as well as completion of the quest Temple Fire (Temple of Apollon).

4 Use Caltrops To Slow Enemies

Caltrops slow enemy movement and inflict Bleeding. While they aren't useful when simply moving from one objective to the next, Caltrops shine when defending an area or luring enemies into ambushes. Maximize the slowing effect by putting space between your party and the Caltrops. Time is the most valuable resource in any tactical RPG, and giving yourself more actions without fear of retaliation is always a net gain in this intriguing historical title too.

You can easily convert those extra actions into offense or defense, but it costs more work or resources to convert offense or defense into extra actions. If you need to stall your enemies and buy more time, Caltrops are one of the best Tactical Items.

3 Throw Greek Fire To Unlesh The True Potential Of Flames

Greek Fire is the Oil Jar's bigger cousin. You lose the ability to apply oil to surfaces, but in exchange you double the radius of the impact zone. Anyone in the area will take several points of fire damage and be set on fire. This can turn the tide of a battle in an instance, if used carefully.

If one of the hexes is oiled and adjacent to other oiled tiles, you can create an even bigger spread. Greek Fire is a very potent tactical Item. Just be sure to take Water Jugs, in case your units need to make a hasty retreat through the flames themselves. To craft Greek Fire, you need Nahcolite, Naptha, and an Oil Jar.

2 Vassum Keeps You Fighting

Sometimes you need to fight through the pain. When you can't afford to have a unit sitting around, try using Vassum. It applies the Numb status, which nullifies the penalties from light and moderate wounds. In Expeditions: Rome, wounds worsen over time until you can treat them with medicine at your base. Since wounds apply a suite of debuffs, it can spell your doom when you need your units at their best.

Vassum won't fix the problem, and you should be careful moving such a soldier around, but it can help you temporarily get a character back into fighting shape.

1 Mulsum And Posca Temper Glass Cannons

Mulsum and Posca do essentially the same thing. Both are alcoholic beverages and apply Intoxicated. Intoxicated is a mixed blessing, granting two extra base damage and ten percent extra critical chance, but also reducing resistances by ten. Additional stacks further reduce your resistances, so take care not to overindulge.

Your attackers will welcome the extra offensive power, however. The Sagittarius class can make great use of this buff, being deadly shots with their bows, as you are already surely keeping them out of the line of fire whenever possible. A Memphis vendor will see you the schematic for Posca (Common Wine and Vinegar), while Mulsum is hidden in the villainous lair of Troas village.

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