Explore The Polyworld In Adventure Game Rebel World – Survive

The “polyworld” of Odd Wizard Studio’s Rebel World – Survive is waiting to be explored, and its aesthetic is appealing to adventurers, survival enthusiasts, and animal lovers. The survival-adventure looks picturesque and intriguing, as its current test-period phase creates an air of mystery.

With only a few screenshots and vague plot details to go by, Rebel World – Survive is as beautiful as it is enigmatic. The setting is a fantasy polyworld with soft, colorful objects dotting the landscape, wildlife to accompany you, and there’s even a rustic pirate ship floating in the water. The developer is currently working on the indie’s full release during its test period, and the demo can be purchased from the studio’s website for $7.99. The developer also stated that the game would be updated frequently as development progresses.

The polyworld we are introduced to is named Wa’Drena, and its environment looks rather prehistoric. Some visible characters are dressed like Neanderthals, whilst others look modernly suited and booted to scale some mountains. One loin-clothed character can be seen standing in front of a cabin, gazing upon a cluster of green chemicals protruding from the ground. While there is no explanation from the developer to support what this green phenomenon is, there is a line of dialogue in the game’s description which states that a “silent war” has emerged in Wa’Drena, and your only task is to survive.

A few shared screenshots cater to the animal lovers of the gaming community, where a rabbit can be seen situated between cabins, as well as a close-up shot of a rather tame deer. Another screenshot provides some insight into the game’s user interface which will feature the usual RPG mechanics, including a regular inventory with space for food that will restore health and hunger points.

One less ambiguous title is Fntastic’s upcoming survival MMO The Day Before, which is safely rooted in the zombie genre. You know exactly what to expect from this game thanks to its recent gameplay trailer, which offers a taste of its impressive graphics and solid RPG mechanics. Hopefully, as Rebel World – Survive progresses, we will get a better grasp of what Wa’Drena has to offer.

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