F1 Champ Max Verstappen Is EA Sports’ Latest Content Creator

If you followed the previous season of Formula 1, you probably already know that it was just too easy for Max Verstappen to win the championship. The Belgian-Dutch racer had a hell of a season, and most of the time it looked like he was barely even trying. With the FIFA – EA Sports partnership officially over, EA will be looking for another major sports star as the face of the brand. And so, EA Sports and Max Verstappen have agreed on a collaboration, which will see the driver creating content on various platforms. EA Sports will also be sponsoring the Red Bull team in F1.

However, it's unclear what kind of content Verstappen will be creating for EA Sports. Perhaps he'll live stream during his races – it seems so easy for him right now, that I doubt adding in a live stream would distract him too much. Realistically though, he'll probably create content with EA Sports' lineup of sports games. It's unfortunate that FIFA won't be a part of this, but the collaboration suggests that EA is readying itself for the end of the partnership.

“Whether it’s playing games with my friends or staying competitive when away from the track, EA Sports has always been a big part of my life," said Verstappen. "EA Sports is an icon for so many millions of fans, and I’m proud to represent them for the 2023 season.”

However, if Verstappen is going to create content for EA Sports, he'll have to keep a cool head. The driver lost his cool during the recent 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual due to constant connectivity issues. Verstappen also got disconnected once he took the lead in the race, leading to understandable frustration for the driver, who has previously mentioned how important the race is to him.

"Look at this. They call it amazingly bad luck. This is just incompetence," Verstappen said shortly before rage-quitting. "They can't even control their own game. This is already the third time this happens to me now, that we get kicked off the game while doing this race."

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