Fall Guys Is Coming To Xbox This Summer

After the reveal that Fall Guys is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer, the BR game has now been revealed to be arriving on Xbox at the same time.

It was revealed during this week’s Nintendo Direct that Fall Guys will finally arrive on Switch this summer. The good news keeps on coming for Fall Guys and its fans as the creators of the battle royale game have now revealed it will also be landing on Xbox this summer, presumably at the same time as it arrives on Nintendo Switch.

DID SOMEBODY SAY XBOX? I SWEAR I HEARD SOMEBODY SAY XBOX. Fall Guys is coming to Xbox Series XIS and Xbox One,” Fall Guys tweeted this morning. The tweet also reveals a vague release date of summer 2021. Chances are the game will hit both new platforms at some point in August to mark the game’s first anniversary.

The official reveal of Fall Guys’ imminent arrival on Switch and Xbox comes after months of uncertainty regarding new platforms for the game. Someone working on Xbox’s Instagram suggested a Fall Guys announcement was coming soon. That prompted Fall Guys devs to react, claiming that wasn’t true at all. Evidently, it was, but that wasn’t when the news was supposed to be revealed. Nor did Fall Guys want it to be revealed in a comments section.

It has been assumed that Fall Guys had some sort of year-long console exclusivity deal with PlayStation. The game was released on PS4 as a free game for PS Plus subscribers. It would go on to become the most downloaded PS Plus game ever. If that exclusivity deal is real, then Switch and Xbox owners can expect to see Fall Guys arrive this August at the very earliest.

New platforms are exactly what Fall Guys needs. After the initial hype surrounding the game at release, interest in it fell off fast. Its creators have attempted to recreate that hype, introducing more rounds and a wealth of tweaks to already-existing levels. While that will have worked to an extent, it won’t have brought new players on board in the same way that adding it to two new massive platforms will do when that finally takes place this summer.

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