Fall Guys players claim they were refused refunds after being forced to buy item

A bug that reportedly causes Fall Guys players to automatically buy in-game items that they’ve only looked at is causing havoc.

Of all the bugs that could occur in a game the last one you’d want is one that buys in-game items without your say-so, but that’s claimed to be exactly what’s happening with Fall Guys.

Fall Guys recently went free-to-play, but it’s always had plenty of cosmetic microtransactions for those that want them. What players are reporting at the moment is that the act of simply previewing a costume or other item automatically buys it, with no attempt to confirm the purchase.

Despite numerous reports detailing the issue, Mediatonic has made no mention of it so far and fans are getting even more angry about what purports to be a support email denying the problem exists.

There are numerous videos of the bug happening, and while anything can be faked that doesn’t seem like something a fan of the game would really want to do.

What’s upset the community just as much as the problem itself is not only the lack of public acknowledgement (there have been a slew of updates recently, but none mention the issue) but what purports to be an email from Mediatonic’s own customer support. has contacted Mediatronic to try and clarify whether the email is real or not, but many fans have complained about the ‘vibe’ of the message, which insists that the problem is not a ‘known issue’ and that the purchase was the player’s fault and responsibility.

It may be that the support staff were unaware of the problem – which is certainly unusual and sounds like it shouldn’t be possible – but it’s more the attitude on display that most fans are angry about.

Mediatonic did send out an email this afternoon asking fans to report problems they’d experienced after the game went free-to-play, with some of the options on the survey being ‘problems with the shop’ and ‘problems with game prices’, although whether that’s related is unclear.

Either way, there have been no reported refunds from Mediatonic so far, with fans once again insisting that the game should have the same refund policy as Fortnite, which is also published by Mediatonic owner Epic Games Store.

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