Fall Guys Reveals Big Shots, Another New Level Debuting In Season 4

Fall Guys has revealed the first look at another new level Big Shots which is set to debut in season four.

The countdown is on until Fall Guys season four. At the time of typing this, the new season will go live in just four days. It has been revealed that seven new levels will be introduced during season four. One of those levels is Skyline Stumble, and now we know another, Big Shots. What the level will look like can be seen in the short preview clip below.

The level is very in-keeping with season four’s 4041 aesthetic. However, you won’t have much chance to sit back and admire it. The aim of the round is to remain on a see-saw for as long as possible. OG round See Saw is evidence of how difficult that can be. However, in Big Shots, all players will be on one see-saw while having items flung at them.

Those items include stars, magnets, controllers, and planets. We thought planet throwing was reserved for titans wearing the Infinity Gauntlet. The one bonus is there is very little risk of one side being weighed down so much that the see-saw becomes almost vertical and everyone slides off. That will give players more chance to focus on the miniature Saturns being thrown at them.

Aside from the new levels revealed so far, the biggest takeaway from the build to season four so far is Fall Guys’ crossover with Among Us. The unlikely collab was first teased during the trailer for season four and has since been confirmed. An Among Us costume will be unlockable during season four, and all you’ll need to do to get it is level up, no crowns required.

Fall Guys season four will go live on Monday, March 22, 2021. Since Fall Guys will be coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox this summer, there’s a very real chance it’s the last season restricted to just two platforms. As for season four prep, now might be the time to play See Saw as much as possible in preparation for when its hybrid arrives next week.

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