Fall Guys Slime Survivors Playlist Launches Today

Fall Guys, the gameshow inspired battle royale, is in the early days of season 2—which means there are some changes to the game. For example, the limited-time event “Gauntlet Showdown” lets you skip all of those pesky team challenges and play only games that put your fate in your own hands. Similarly, Fall Guys’ Slime Survivor playlist—which launches today—is a game mode where you only play survival challenges.

For the uninitiated, Fall Guys has five stages with different game types to playthrough before crowning a winner. These are races, survival, and team games. Survival games are played without a time limit and goes until a specific number of players have been eliminated from the game.

Of course, players fall into a pool of slime when they fail the challenge. Although, the name choice is causing some confusion thanks to the infamous “Slime Climb.” Thankfully, the official Twitter account for Fall Guys made it clear that Slime Survivors isn’t just Slime Climb on repeat.

The playlist will still require you to survive the standard five rounds, with the final round being either Jump Showdown or Hex-A-Gone—a game with disappearing platforms where the last one standing on a platform wins.

Part of the attraction to Fall Guys is the fact that, even if you don’t win, you’re rewarded with experience just for playing, which can unlock unique skins—like one that vaguely resembles Sonic the Hedgehog. Of course, the classic mode still exists, with all game types available if you prefer your cartoonish gameshow with a mixture of chaotic objectives.

The simple concept of Fall Guys is responsible for the game’s incredible success and its need to continually reinvigorate players with new levels of cruelty, such as what can be found in the new Knight Fever level. It wouldn’t be surprising, then, to see more playlists like Slime Survival emerge as the developers work to hone in on what players love about (and want more of) the game.

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