Fall Guys: Summer Squads Event Guide

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Fall Guys is constantly hosting in-game events; typically themed around a specific event or character. These events are only available for a limited time and task players with completing challenges in exchange for exclusive rewards. This remains true with their latest in-game event, the Summer Squads event.

Offering players several summer-themed rewards, including the Stripy Belt Bag cosmetic item, this event requires players to compete in the limited-time show Squad Celebration to earn the various items that are being offered. Use the following information to make sure that you are completing all requirements during this event window, ensuring that you obtain all event-exclusive rewards.

Event Challenges

There are six event challenges available to players during the Summer Squads event. Players will earn 100 Ice Cream Cones, the event currency, each time they complete one of these challenges; these are used to obtain the different event rewards. Complete the following event challenges to earn all rewards being offered during the event window.

Many of these event challenges will require you to compete in the limited-time show, Squads Celebration. This squad playlist consists of various team games, only consisting of three rounds total.

Event Challenges
Own a tail in Squad Celebration15 Seconds
Be in the air in Any Show60 Seconds
Reach the Final Round in Squad Celebration6 Times
Qualify from Team Rounds in Any Show3 Times
Qualify from the first round of Squad Celebration3 Times
Win Squad Celebration3 Times

Event Rewards

There are five rewards that are being offered for the Summer Squads event. Each of these rewards requires a different amount of Ice Cream Cones; earned through the completion of event challenges. Make sure that you are completing all event challenges available; providing you with enough of the event currency to acquire all the following rewards.

You do not have to spend your event currency to acquire the different rewards being offered; rather, players will earn rewards once they have accumulated specific amounts.

Event Rewards
RewardItem TypeCurrency Required
Fun in the Sun!Nickname100 Ice Cream Cones
200 KudosCurrency200 Ice Cream Cones
Summer SquadsNameplate400 Ice Cream Cones
Citrus SplashPattern500 Ice Cream Cones
Stripy Belt BagCostume (Bottom)600 Ice Cream Cones

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