Fall Guys’ Untitled Goose Game Crossover Has Begun, And There’s More To Come

Fall Guys has been red hot when it comes to crossovers during its second season, and today’s announcement is further proof that won’t be going away anytime soon.

Fall Guys took the gaming world by storm over the summer. It didn’t quite reach the level of Pokemon Go during the summer of 2016, but it did feel as if everyone was either playing it or asking what this Fall Guys hype is all about. That hype has dwindled somewhat since, as is to be expected, but the game’s developers are dead set on keeping the game as fresh as possible.

That’s a challenge for anyone in charge of keeping people coming back to a battle royale game. They can become very repetitive very quickly. Fall Guys has had new levels added to its rotation pretty regularly, and its second season has a Medieval theme that we are yet to grow tired of.

The best new content being consistently added to Fall Guys, however, is its crossover items. So far this season Fall Guys has already collaborated with Sonic and Godzilla, two pretty major fictional pop culture icons by anyone’s standards. Next on the list is a crossover event with something not as mainstream, but equally as exciting for anyone who has played both games.

A collaboration with Untitled Goose Game. Fall Guys teased the crossover event earlier this week and officially revealed it earlier today. A goose skin is available in the Fall Guys store right now. As has been the case with other sought-after crossover costumes this season, the top and bottom halves of the skin will be five crowns each. Time to start winning some shows if you don’t have ten crowns saved up ready to go.

Fall Guys work with Untitled Goose Game will extend beyond just the one skin. Two other skins will be coming over the next week or so, as well as a brand new emote complete with “honk” sound effect. If the rumors are to be believed, there will be at least one more crossover costume coming to Fall Guys this season. Bathtub Geralt. We’re going to need more crowns.

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