Fall Guys YouTube Videos Were Viewed Over 1 Billion Times In A Month

Just one month on from its release, videos featuring Fall Guys content accounted for more than one billion views on YouTube.

More than one year ago, when Mediatonic first revealed its plan to change the battle royale genre, Fall Guys looked like a neat game that would be fun to play. No one will have anticipated the impact it had on the gaming world when it was released last month. It feels like everyone has been playing it, and it would have taken living under a pretty large rock to avoid the hype.

Fall Guys was picked up by seven million users on Steam before the end of August and downloaded more times than any other game in PS Plus history. A trophy its creators believed would never be won has already been attained by hundreds of players, and its Twitter account has been doing a lot of good too, raising $1 million for charity.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, the YouTube numbers for Fall Guys’ first month are in and, surprise surprise, they are very impressive. It seems as if people are just as keen to watch people play Fall Guys as they are to play it themselves. YouTube’s head of gaming Ryan Watt has revealed that Fall Guys videos racked up more than one billion views during the game’s first month on the market.

The appeal of watching Fall Guys as opposed to playing it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The game has basically been framed as a virtual game show and borrows from popular TV equivalents from the genre such as Takeshi’s Castle and Total Wipeout. There’s little in this world that is more fun than watching people fall and face plant, and apparently that premise carries over to virtual beans.

There’s an outside chance that Fall Guys’ hype starts to scale down as September comes to an end and moves into October. It is no longer free to download on PS4 and the novelty might be starting to wear off. Mediatonic is keen to make sure that doesn’t happen, though. It tweaked many of its existing rounds via an update this week and has promised some big changes when season two launches in October 2020.

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