Fallout 2 Is Getting Over 100 Voice-Acted Talking Heads Via Modders

Fallout 2: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game may have come out nearly 25 years ago now, but the game is one of those classics that has a long afterlife. Mods have breathed new life into the isometric RPG, such as completely changing the perspective and turning the title into an FPS.

Now, a new mod is seeking to add more 'talking heads' to the game (via PCGamesN). The original game featured a cast of 13 talking heads, close-ups of characters that feature moving mouths and voice-acted dialogue for specific NPCs. The heads were modelled on pre-made clay models and so took a good deal of time to create, so the number of talking heads in the original Fallout and Fallout 2 were limited and reduced from initial expectations.

Last year, modder Goat_Boy added over 100 original talking heads to Fallout 2 in their 'Talking Heads Addon' mod. Now a new project wants to add voice-acted lines to every one of these talking heads.

The project comes courtesy of Black_Electric who has already added voice-acted lines to 17 of the added talking heads, which features over 600 lines of dialogue. The mod is currenly in Alpha release and can be downloaded over on Nexus Mods, which means not all integrated voices are polished or proven to fully work yet. But the Black_Electric is looking to cast more talent.

"This mod is currently in its infancy and we are looking for talented volunteer voice actors who are interested in helping with the project," they write. "We have well over 100 characters that we are still looking to cast." Those interested can take a scan of the character list the modder has posted.

It's great to see fans working on this beloved classic from 1998 and putting in the work to expand and improve Black Isle's work which, like so many developers, are often required to scale back on their original ambitions due to time and budget constraints.

You can download Goat_Boy's original Talking Heads Addon mod here, while Black_Electric's mod that adds voice-acting to that mod can be found here.

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