Fallout 76: Bobblehead Location Guide

Bobbleheads can be hard to track down in Fallout 76 due to their random generation and multiplayer gameplay. However, these elusive collectibles also have a new function in this Fallout title that’s important to note before trying to put them all to use.

Bobblehead Effects

Bobbleheads work differently in Fallout 76 than they have in other games in the series. They are now consumable items that trigger a temporary 1hr bonus to an array of stats. Some Bobbleheads enhance skills and perks while others provide boosts to your SPECIAL stats. Below are lists of the different Bobbleheads and their various effects.

Bobbleheads To Enhance Skills & Perks

  • Big Guns – Bonus 20% to Heavy Gun damage
  • Caps – Doubles chances of finding quality Cap stashes
  • Energy Weapons – Bonus 20% Energy Weapon damage
  • Explosives – Bonus 30% Explosive damage
  • Leader – Bonus 5% Experience gain
  • Lockpicking – Bonus 30% to lockpicking’s “Sweet Spot.”
  • Medicine – Bonus 30% Health from Stimpaks
  • Melee Weapons – Bonus 20% Melee Weapon damage
  • Repair – Bonus 30% time duration for Fusion Cores
  • Science – +1 Hacking try
  • Small Guns – Bonus 20% Small Gun damage
  • Sneak – Bonus -30% detectability
  • Unarmed – Bonus 25% Unarmed Melee damage

Bobbleheads To Enhance Your SPECIAL

  • Strength – +2
  • Perception – +2
  • Endurance – +2
  • Charisma – +2
  • Intelligence – +2
  • Agility – +2
  • Luck – +2

Bobblehead Locations

While Bobbleheads have been documented to appear in these general vicinities, their exact location may switch up. Furthermore, the chance of finding Bobbleheads even in documented locations becomes a wilder shot in the dark due to the nature of multiplayer where another player could always pick it up first. You know, “Finders keepers” and all that.

Despite the odds, here are lists of known Bobblehead locations grouped into the regions they can be found in.

Ash Heap


There is a spawn in this town that requires a bit of parkour to access. You’ll need to cross the town via rooftop until you find the gas station. South of the gas station is a shop you’ll need to find a way onto the roof and locate a rusted air vent. The Bobblehead spawn sits just inside the curve of the vent.

Camden Park

North of Beckley is Camden Park which is home to the local carnival and the Widow Maker ride at its center. Beware of spikes and pitfalls as you search through this ride! The rumored spawn inside this madhouse is somewhere on the Northern border of the raider camp in the park’s central vicinity.

Rollins Work Camp

Find the excavator at this construction site and use it to leverage yourself onto the roof. The spawn up here is under some primary cables, fairly exposed.

The Rusty Pick

North of the work camp, work your way through a maze of corridors of this building to discover a mine. Head to the very depths of the mine, and there is reportedly a Bobblehead behind a fallen barrel.

Widows Perch

This lookout and featured billboard are just South of the Charleston Capitol Building. There is a spawn point on the far side of the precarious bridge at this location.

Cranberry Bog

Bootlegger Shack

Neighboring Mac’s Farm, this bootlegger’s shack lies to the Southwest. Check inside the shack where reports claim a Bobblehead spawn sits behind a stack of crates off to the left.

Firebase Major

Stationed on the edge of Cranberry Bog, the cardinal tent at this camp is stocked with crates and sometimes a Bobblehead too.

Mac’s Farm

This farmland lies East of the Firebase Major. Beware of the Mirelurk Queen that dwells in the pit near the abandoned barn. If you search the wreckage, sources report spawns near barrels in the rubble.

Ranger Base

The ranger base hosts a couple of known spawn points as well.

  • The office (roost) of the lookout tower.
  • The District office is conveniently located next to the tower. Check the individual offices for Ranger Simon’s terminal. A Bobblehead should spawn somewhere in this vicinity.

The Forest

Alpine River Cabins

The Alpine River Cabins are located near Vault 76. There are a couple of reported spawn points at this location. However, it could just be the area in general that spawns Bobbleheads, so it’s worth scanning around the campgrounds and inside each cabin.

  • Inside the Southeasternmost cabin. (Check on and around the bunk beds.)
  • Inside the Southernmost cabin. (Check underneath the bunks and or near the bearskin rug.)

Darling Sister’s Lab

Darling Sister’s Lab is located immediately North of Tyler County Fairgrounds towards the Northwest of the map. Bobbleheads have been discovered on the trailer home’s rooftop porch. (Check between the lawn chair and wooden shipping crate.)

Horizon’s Rest

This airliner crash site is coupled with a small encampment based around an electrical tower. The Horizon’s Rest wreckage is where you’re like to find a Bobblehead. Check the vessel’s cockpit first and foremost.

Landview Lighthouse

On a tall hill east of Vault 76 sits Landview Lighthouse. Bobbleheads have been spotted sitting in the open stone windows as you make your way to the top of the tower.

Marigold Pavilion

Marigold Pavilion is situated behind the town of Point Pleasant on the west side of the map. One Bobblehead reportedly spawns between the bedrolls upstairs.

Morgantown Highschool

Centrally located in the Northern third of the map, Morgantown Highschool hosts at least two Bobblehead spawns.

  • Bobbleheads reportedly spawn on the back of toilets in the Boys’ Lavatory. (Check all of the stalls.)
  • Look for a locked office with blue and white checkered wallpaper.

There is also a vault under the school grounds in Morgantown with another reported Bobblehead spawn. (Check the cupboards.)

Tyler County Fairgrounds

  • Take a look in and around the festivities shed, stocked with jack o’ lanterns and party supplies. One Bobblehead has been spotted on the long table mixed in with the Halloween buckets.
  • Bobbleheads have been seen loitering on top of the token vendors in the games section in the Southern region of the fairgrounds.

WV Lumber Co.

In the Northwest of the forest, this lumber camp has been known to spawn Bobbleheads. Check the sheds; one is documented to appear behind an overturned filing cabinet.

The Mire

Big B’s

There is a bed on top of the roof at Big B’s, near which Bobbleheads have been reported.

Crevasse Dam

On the second floor of the second building you pass in this area, a Bobblehead has been seen near the computer.

Dyer Chemical

Check in the Welcome office on the south border of this location. There is a trail of bottle caps that lead inside. There’s a bear trap in one corner of the establishment and on the other side a filing cabinet. Bobbleheads have been found in and around this area.

South Hampton Estate

Northeast of the Crevasse Dam, the main building of this estate houses another Bobblehead spawn point on the second floor.

Sunday Brother’s Cabin

Northwest of Big B’s, there is a red barn at the Sunday Brother’s Cabin. The Bobblehead spawn is on the roof. But you will need to master scaling the precarious stack of barrels in the corner first.

The Treetops

This is a massive Treehouse on the southern border of the Mire. Be warned; a powerful foe guards this location. Still, it’s worth the risk because there seem to be a couple of different spawn points as you climb the levels of the treehouse.

  • Look for bowling pins on one of the lower landings.
  • Scan tables higher up.

Savage Divide

Pleasant Valley Ski Resort

This raider base is centrally located in the Savage Divide. Clever Bobbleheads have been known spawn:

  • blending in with a shelf full of teddy bears behind the Raider Bot Kiosk on the base level of the main lodge.
  • In the red gondola on the resort’s eastern defenses.
  • On the desk the main lodge in the “Employees Only” office.

Ripper Alley

Ripper Alley is a raider camp in the central region of the Savage Divide. It is carved into a ledge along the path to the West Tek Research Center. Search for spawn points among the boulders in the wall in the farthest depths of the crag.

Sons of Dane Compound

This compound lies in the north of the Savage Divide region. Find the barn known as The Buck’s Den and search the stage inside. Other players have had luck around the amplifier and instruments.

The Whitespring Golf Course

On the club’s first floor, a Bobblehead has spawned on a shelf behind a shoe polishing stand.


This research base is located on the Savage Divide’s Eastern border on the opposite side of the West Tek Research Center from Ripper’s Alley. Bobbleheads appear in the tents near a Scientist’s corpse.

Toxic Valley

Black Bear Lodge

Southeast from Wavy Willard’s and Willard Corporate Housing, find your way to the lodge’s basement. Find the control room housing the AI which governs the property. Bobbleheads are known to spawn on the desk in this room.

The Crosshair

This is the Northernmost location of Appalachia where Bobbleheads have been sighted.

  • One known location is in the mountains to the North of Clancy Manor. Multiple sources report a spawn on top of a cage at the raider camp there.
  • A short jaunt east, above Hemlock Grove, another Bobblehead spawn has been documented on top of some shipping crates at the raider camp there.

Lady Janet’s Soft Serve

South from the Crosshair location, a par-coring Bobblehead has been sighted from the roof on an exposed beam. It may have been dislodged if you stirred up too much rubble below, so check the surrounding area as well.

Wavy Willard’s Water Park

Back up North, Northeast of Hemlock Grove, this water park hosts a couple of different spawns, or Wavy Willard’s is a general spawn point as a whole. Check these locations first.

  • Wavy Willard’s staple crocodile ride features an enormous crocodile mouth which you can climb inside from the tracks leading from the bottom. A death-defying Bobblehead likes to spawn on a table inside the mouth of the ride.
  • Bobbleheads have been seen in the engine room behind the pool on the south side of the water park. (Check the tool bench.)

Willard Corporate Housing

This trailer park lies to the east of the water park. Search the partially dilapidated trailers. One spawn has been found on a computer desk near a broken-in wall.

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