Fallout 76 Player Transforms Shelter Into A Recreation Of Bioshock’s Rapture

When a game manages to garner a loving and dedicated community, stunning fan-made projects and fan art usually aren’t too far behind. A recent example was this Pokémon fan’s recreation of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl in Unreal Engine. While Fallout 76 may have had a fairly disastrous launch, the game has improved significantly since then, drawing in new players and gaining a loyal fanbase in the process.

With loyal players comes some interesting fan-made projects, and one fan has combined their love of Fallout 76 and Bioshock to recreate Rapture within a single shelter. Redditor ken4656 uploaded images and a walkthrough of his creation to Reddit. Notable landmarks that have been lovingly portrayed entirely with Fallout 76’s in-game tools are the lighthouse leading to Rapture, the Kashmir Restaurant, and a Nuka Cola machine that has been turned into a Gatherer’s Garden, complete with Vault Girls to represent Little Sisters.

In a mini-interview with PC Gamer, ken4656 shared how he came up with the idea of recreating Rapture and how he revisited the first Bioshock game to “get the mood and structures right.” The entire recreation apparently took around two weeks to make and cleverly makes use of different items from the Fallout 76 catalog, with lamps used as jellyfish and neon lighting to give the whole place a Rapture-esque feel.

If you’re new to Fallout 76 or have taken a break for the game to improve, you may not have been aware of the new Shelters that have recently been added to the game. Introduced in the Steel Dawn update, Shelters give each player an underground Vault where you can really showcase your creative talents. Although you only start out with a small room, the shelter can be upgraded and expanded via the Atomic Shop if you want to create a sprawling Vault.

You may also be interested to know that there is a new quality of life update in the works that will dramatically increase the stash limit, allowing you to hoard even more junk for all your crafting needs. The menus will also be improved with this new update, by separating armor and food/drink into their own separate categories. The update is expected the hit Fallout 76 later this month.

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