Fallout 76 update TODAY: Full patch notes and server status latest

As server status returns to normal, fans will notice that they will need to download a new Fallout 76 update.

And it might be a while before players on consoles can get back into the Appalachian Wastelands.

Bethesda has confirmed that today’s update is approximately 8GB for consoles and 3.5 GB for PC.

Maintenance was officially wrapped up earlier today, and fans can now access new content on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The official patch notes have been released with today’s Fallout 76 update, including new features, quests, challenges, balance adjustments, and a ton of bug fixes.

When it comes to the significant changes made this week in Fallout 76, Bethesda has confirmed that a new faction has been added to the game.

Players can now join the Pioneer Scouts to complete new Quests, Challenges, an Event, and receive their first Backpack.

Much like with the Camera added earlier this year, Fallout 76 players can run through a quest line to unlock a Backpack to increase your carry weight.

Gamers can also apply mods to customise its appearance and add utility options.

Other big changes include the new Personal Vending Machines, which allows players to sell their wares to fellow Dwellers.

These are advertised on the map when they are powered up and provide the game with something more unique.

Fans can also head to Train Stations to turn their unwanted Legendary items into Legendary Scrip, which can be traded to The Purveyor, a new vendor who will arrive in Appalachia on May 16.

Full patch notes for today’s Fallout 76 update can be found below and contains all the major new features that are now available in-game.

New Wild Appalachia Content

  • Read Pioneer Scouts posters at Train Stations around Appalachia to begin your journey as the newest member of the Order of the Tadpole.
    • You can also unlock a Pioneer Scouts poster for your C.A.M.P. for free in the Atomic Shop through June 9.
  • As a Tadpole, you can take part in a variety of activities and mini-quests to show off your Pioneering spirit.
    • Complete new Pioneer Scouts Challenges to earn badges that will help you rank-up and can be turned in to claim themed loot.
    • Join the new “Terrors of the Dark” event to listen to spooky stories around the campfire with your fellow Pioneer Scouts.
    • Read our recent article on to learn more about the Pioneer Scouts.
      • Backpacks are new functional items that you can equip to increase your Carry Weight.
        • You can receive your first Backpack by being promoted to the Pioneer Scouts rank of Possum.
        • Craft higher-level Backpacks to receive larger carry weight bonuses.
        • Backpacks can be modded to change their appearance to match your personal tastes.
        • You can also add functional mods to give your Backpack more utility, like increased damage reduction or food refrigeration, often in exchange for reduced storage capacity.
      • Backpacks will remain visible over outfits and armor but will be unequipped when you step into a set of Power Armor.
        • Outfits that already have a cosmetic backpack built in will not display your functional backpack. However, you will still receive the benefits that your backpack provides.
        • Note: Our previous article on Backpacks stated they would remain functional while wearing Power Armor. This was incorrect and we apologize for the miscommunication.
        • Read our recent article on to learn more about Backpacks.
          • Start a new business venture by building a Vending Machine in your C.A.M.P., which you can use to sell items to other Dwellers for Caps.
            • You can build up to four Vending Machines in your C.A.M.P. using the Vendors tab in the Build Menu.
            • Power it to advertise your C.A.M.P. to other players on the Map. Players can also Fast Travel to C.A.M.P.s that offer vending and appear on the Map.
            • Up to 30 individual or stacks of items can be assigned to the Vending Machine at any given time.
          • Assign items from your Inventory or Stash to your Vending Machine and set the Cap prices that you’d like to sell them for.
            • Items you’ve assigned to Vending will not be removed from your Stash. Instead, they will display an icon next to their names so that it’s easy to tell what you’ve placed on sale at a glance.
            • You will receive a notification whenever a player buys one of your items. 90% of the sale price will be added to your Cap balance. This 10% fee has been designed to help maintain the health of the game’s economy and mitigate inflation.
            • Items can still be sold after you’ve reached the current maximum Cap balance of 25,000, but you will not receive any Caps beyond that limit.
            • Alternatively, you can use the Map to seek out other traders who have set up shop when you’re looking to purchase new gear for your collection.
              • Legendary Exchange Machines have been added at Train Stations around Appalachia. You can use them to turn your unwanted legendary items into a new currency, called Legendary Scrip.
                • Legendary Scrip can be used to buy legendary items from the Purveyor, a new “Legendary Vendor” who will be arriving in Appalachia on May 16. Prepare for her arrival by exchanging your items for Scrip.
                • The higher the star-rating of your legendary items, the more Scrip you will receive from Exchange Machines.
                • Legendary Scrip cannot be traded and is not shared across characters on your account.

                C.A.M.P., Crafting, and Workshops

                • C.A.M.P. Damage Protections: C.A.M.P. objects and Structures no longer take damage from other players as long as the defending player, and their C.A.M.P. defenses, are not hostile against their attackers.
                • Foundations: The requirement that all Foundation pieces in a block of Foundations need to be built on the terrain has been removed.
                  • Now, only the first Foundation will need to be built on the terrain and subsequent foundations snapped to that original piece will then ignore this rule.
                  • This change only applies to C.A.M.P.s and doesn’t affect Workshops.
                • Personal Terminal: Players can now build and power a Personal Terminal in their CAMPs which can give information about new discoveries in Appalachia and provides a reminder about visiting some of your “daily” friends.
                  • You can claim a free Personal Terminal for your humble abode by visiting the Atomic Shop.
                  • The Personal Terminal can be found on the Misc. Structures tab in the Build Menu.
                  • Punch Bowls: Can no longer be activated and beverages can no longer be placed within.
                    • Dev Note: Who’s been spiking the punch?! We’ve had to disable the functionality of Punch Bowls for the time being, but you can still build and place them in your C.A.M.P.
                    • The Whitespring: C.A.M.P.s can no longer be built or placed near the Whitespring Golf Club.
                      • Dev Note: We’ve seen many requests from the Fallout 76 community to remove the ability to build C.A.M.P.s near the Whitespring Golf Club, as they can tend to trivialize enemies in the area. We agree with this feedback, and have decided to place a no-build zone in this location.
                      • Workshop PVP: The following Adjustments have been made to the rules of Workshop PVP:
                        • Workshop owners must now enter the bounds of the Workshop before they are placed in PVP with the contesting players.
                        • Workshop Turrets no longer attack a Wanted player unless that player is contesting the owner’s Workshop.
                        • Players that are not actively contesting an owned Workshop cannot damage the objects built there.
                        • Design and Balance

                          • Ammo: Flamer Fuel created via crafting increased from 5 to 20.
                          • Ammo: Cryo Cells created via crafting increased from 15 to 25.
                          • Fast Travel: A 15-second timer will now appear when attempting to Fast Travel while enemies are nearby. The player will now automatically Fast Travel to the selected location when the timer expires, as long as they are not hit by an enemy during the countdown.
                          • Hunting Rifle: Increased the damage bonuses provided by the Prime and .50 Caliber Receiver mods. These mods now respectively grant the highest and second-highest damage increases of any Hunting Rifle receiver mods.
                          • Plasma Guns: Damage increased by 30%.
                          • Enclave Plasma Guns: Damage increased by 10% to 30%.
                            • Dev Note: These Plasma Gun changes do not apply to the Gatling Plasma. The damage increase is intended to address drawbacks to Plasma weapons that split damage evenly between ballistic and energy damage types. The Gatling Plasma only deals energy damage and is already one of the higher DPS heavy auto weapons.
                          • Legendary Armor Effects: Sentinel, Cavalier, and Assassin legendary effects now have a 75% chance to apply during combat.
                            • Also fixed an issue that could cause these legendary effects to double when using certain equipment combinations.
                            • Dev Note: Prior to this re-balance and bugfix, combinations of these legendary armors could make players effectively invulnerable from damage, particularly in combat with other players.
                            • Loot: The legendary drop rates for the Gatling Gun and Cryolater have been adjusted to better match all other weapons.
                            • Nukashine: Several new “Wake-Up” locations have been added to Nukashine.
                            • Radstorms: Now occur a little more frequently than before in the Ash Heap, Cranberry Bog, The Mire, and the Savage Divide.
                              • Dev Note: We’ve read your feedback that Radstorms were too rare, especially when it comes to completing Radstorm-based challenges. They will occur a bit more often than they did prior to this change, but they will still be somewhat rare. Additionally, as of Patch 8.5, Nuke Zones count toward Radstorm Challenge progress.
                              • Quests and Events

                                • Bureau of Tourism: This has been promoted to a full Main Quest. When players are pointed to begin Bureau of Tourism, it will now display a full quest banner on-screen.
                                  • Dev Note: For new players, exploring the Toxic Valley is an important step in progressing through the game. We wanted to make sure that players have clear pointers to this level-appropriate content.
                                • Miscellaneous: It is now possible for high-level Unruly Golfer Feral Ghouls to spawn at the Whitespring. This should help higher-level players more easily complete the “Kill unruly golfer feral ghouls at Whitespring” objective.
                                • Survival Beta

                                  • Death Mechanics: Cap losses on death in the Survival Beta are now based on the player’s current level will not exceed 50 Caps.
                                  • Scoreboards: Added a new “Survival Score” category that will be used as the primary stat for ranking player performance in Survival Beta worlds.
                                    • Players receive one Survival Point for every Experience Point earned while playing in the Survival Beta.
                                    • The total number of Survival Points you currently have will determine your placement on the Scoreboards. The three players with the highest Survival Scores will be highlighted on the Map.
                                    • On death, your Survival Score will be reset to zero.
                                    • When you kill another player, 75% of the Survival Points they had prior to death will be added to your Survival Score.
                                    • For example: If your Survival Score is 500 and you kill a player whose Score is 1,000, they will lose all their Points and you will receive 750, for a new Survival Score of 1,250.

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