Fallout 76 UPDATE: Where to find camera locations and Bucket List following patch release

Today’s Fallout 76 update has made it possible to find new camera locations around Wild Appalachia.

This wasn’t the only part of today’s patch, which also included the new Repair Kits and other bugfixes.

But there’s no doubt unlocking a new quest and using the new ProSnap Deluxe will be at the top of most player lists.

As confirmed by Bethesda, the new ProSnap Deluxe is a functional in-game camera you can use to fill your Photomode Gallery with snapshots of your adventures.

This new item allows you to take snaps and complete the new Bucket List quest, but first players need to find one.

This is done by tracking down a dead tourist and pilfering a broken one so that you can learn to craft a new one.

Once you’ve acquired a Camera, you’ll begin the new “Bucket List” quest, which allows you to finish the tourist’s photography collection, if you so desire.

Bethesda says that new Camera-related Challenges that have been added to Fallout 76 can be completed using your ProSnap Deluxe.

So the first thing you will need to learn is where you can find the new Fallout 76 camera.

Lucky for everyone baffled by this new quest, dedicated players are already compiling a list of locations where these new items can be scavenged. A picture of some of these places can be found below.

According to those who have been checking out some of these known locations, it isn’t guaranteed that a tourist will be found there. What players have been doing instead is server hopping until they find one with a tourist and a camera.

This can include having to server hop over ten times, an annoying factor that some gamers won’t have time for. 

The new map of Fallout 76 camera locations are sourced from the F76 Hub, who will no doubt have the best information on finding the item you need.

Other known locations include Prickett’s Fort, Philippi Battlefield Cemetery, the Colonel Kelly Monument and the Wavy Willard’s Water Park, with a tourist found against a car in the parking lot.

One user writes: “Yep, took me a good 45 min at the water park but at least I didn’t waste caps, I was gonna give up went to a different server to make a trade & he was there on that server.”

Here’s more from Bethesda on how the new Fallout 76 camera works:

  • The ProSnap Deluxe can be equipped and favourited like a weapon.
  • Use the “Aim” button to look through the Camera’s lens, and then press the “Attack” button to snap a photo.
  • You can use a Tinker’s Workbench to build a ProSnap Deluxe and apply mods, like lenses.
  • The Camera uses Film to take photos, and you can use the Tinker’s Workbench to craft additional Film.
  • When you take aim with the ProSnap Deluxe, it will also display the names of nearby locations and creatures it recognizes in the viewfinder.

More from today’s Fallout 76 update can be found below:


Repair Kits are new, single-use consumable items that immediately restore the Condition of an item in your inventory. They come in two forms: Basic Repair Kits and Improved Repair Kits.


  • Each Basic Repair Kit you own can be used to restore one item in your inventory or Stash to 100% Condition.
  • Basic Repair Kits do not consume any of your crafting materials when repairing an item.
  • Additionally, they cannot be crafted, dropped, sold to vendors, or traded with other players.
  • After acquiring a Repair Kit, use it by opening your Pip-Boy, finding an item that you’d like to repair, selecting the “Inspect/Repair” option, and then choosing “Repair Kit”
  • The number of Repair Kits you own will be displayed to you on the “Repair Kit” button in the “Inspect/Repair” menu.
  • Basic Repair Kits are unlockable in the Atomic Shop using Atoms you’ve purchased or those you’ve earned by completing in-game challenges.
  • Please note: If you purchase Basic Repair Kits by entering the Atomic Shop from the game’s Main Menu, they will be added to your most recently played Character’s inventory. Prior to purchasing Repair Kits, please ensure you’ve logged into a world with the character that you’d like to receive them.


  • Each Improved Repair Kit you own can be used to buff one of the items in your inventory or Stash to 150% Condition.
  • Like Basic Repair Kits, Improved Kits cannot be dropped, crafted, traded, or sold, and do not use any of your crafting materials when consumed.
  • Improved Repair Kits are not available in the Atomic Shop. They are rare items you can earn by completing in-game content.
  • They are currently dropped as loot by the Scorchbeast Queen and may be added as rewards for other types of in-game content in the future.
  • If you own both Basic and Improved Kits, you will be prompted to select which type you’d like to use when repairing an item.


  • Junk: Aluminum Oil Cans now each grant 1 Aluminum when scrapped, rather than 1 Steel, and the can’s base value has been increased from 9 to 13 Caps.
  • Junk: Aluminum Trays and Empty Cans now each grant 2 Aluminum when scrapped, rather than 2 Steel, and their base values have each been increased from 1 to 10 Caps.


  • News Screen: Sound effects have been added and will play when interacting with the News Screen.

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