Fallout: New Vegas "Immersive Four Eyes" Mod Punishes You For Not Wearing Glasses

At the beginning of Fallout: New Vegas you can select up to two traits for your Courier. These are basically special perks that come with both a buff and a drawback. One of these traits is called Four Eyes where, as the name would suggest, your character needs to wear glasses. If you have them on, you get +1 perception, but -1 without them. So basically, just leave some glasses on all game and it's a free perception point.

However, this latest New Vegas mod makes it a bit harder than that. As soon as you take the trait, your vision becomes blurred if you're not wearing glasses. This way, you're actually presented with a challenge when your gear is taken away from you, leaving you to stumble through the Mojave until you can find some shades.

As you can see on the mod page, not wearing some form of eyewear causes the screen to be blurred significantly. This will leave you walking around a little lost at the start of the game, as you leave Doc Mitchell's with minimal gear.

As another Nexus Mods user points out, this will also be a pain in the Dead Money DLC, where items are taken from you once again. And that questline is ridiculously hard at the best of times, even without having your vision impaired.

If you've had enough of needing glasses to see, getting a perception implant will fix your eyesight woes for good. But until then, have fun wearing the first pair of cracked reading glasses you come across – they'll be the most important item in your inventory during this run.

However, if this isn't enough of a challenge, then we have the perfect mod for you. As we covered recently, a Fallout modder created the ultimate hardcore mode: with one HP, and no levelling up. Yup, you have to make it through the game without taking a hit, as if the Mojave wasn't cruel enough.

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