Fallout New Vegas Mod Replaces Every Character With Benny

Benny is the best character in Fallout New Vegas. I'm sorry, but that is not up for debate. He shoots you in the face, sure, but who can resist that ridiculous 1950s slang? The fact that he's voiced by Chandler from Friends is just the cherry on top – it's actually criminal that most players only have about two conversations with the guy.

Thankfully, there's now a mod to right that wrong. "Oops All Benny" from modder Melinoe ensures that you will never miss Benny's iconic mug ever again, as every NPC in the game is replaced by the eccentric gang leader.

Alas, it doesn't seem like the NPCs come packaged with Matthew Perry's legendary line delivery, as we can see from the screenshots that NPCs say their usual dialogue. However, you can be reminded of him anywhere you go, as his face is always following you. Judging from the description, you'll also have to uninstall any other mods you have to get this working. But let's be honest, it's very much worth it.

The Fallout New Vegas modding community has been pretty creative recently, despite the game now being over a decade old. A mod that caught our eye was one that turns the game into a New Vegas and Disco Elysium crossover, combining two of the most adored RPGs of all time. It accomplishes this by adding some Disco Elysium-esque traits, tying the usual Fallout perks to the gameplay and story, having them react to quest completion.

Even when modding other Fallout games, creators can't help but think of New Vegas. Project Mojave is a mod for Fallout 4 that takes you back to a post-game Nevada. This allows players to revisit the Strip, seeing first hand what effect the Courier had in the civil war and the ensuing Second Battle of Hoover Dam. Let's be honest, probably not a good one.

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