Fans Are Losing It Over Bad Batch’s Wookie Jedi Youngling

The Bad Batch is back, bringing the rag-tag team of Clone Trooper rejects into the Original Trilogy era, but something that fans are fixated on is our new best bud, the Wookie Jedi youngling who survived Order 66.

Wookie Jedi are a rarity in Star Wars—there's a Wookie in the High Republic era, appearing in the novel Light of the Jedi. He's called Burryaga Agaburry and there are some interesting insights into the loneliness of nobody understanding him, and then there's Gungi, first appearing in The Clone Wars.

Gungi and some other younglings go on an adventure to get kyber crystals to make their own lightsabers with the help of David Tennant. Well, a droid voiced by Tennant. But their fate was left ambiguous after Order 66. Luckily, Gungi lived.

Some are ecstatic to see Gungi back, alive and kicking, having made it through the slaughter of the Jedi thanks to Anakin and co., while others are being introduced to the idea of Wookie Jedi for the first time. Yep, those brutish fuzzballs can use the Force.

Another fan pointed out the significance of Gungi's lightsaber which we see more of in the trailer—the hilt is wooden, made from the trees of Kashyyyk. How much of him and his unique saber we'll actually see in the new Bad Batch, and whether he'll make it through the Empire's tyranny and downfall, are new questions that many are asking.

For now, we can at least celebrate that Gungi is back for more—maybe we'll see some other returning and forgotten favourites.

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