Fans Rally To "Save Red Dead Online" After Lacklustre New Year Update

Red Dead Online fans are rallying to #SaveRedDeadOnline following a negative reaction to its latest update.

Considering how popular and consistently updated GTA Online is, you'd be mistaken for thinking that Red Dead Online is treated in the same way. According to most players, that couldn't be further from the truth, with most Red Dead updates being minuscule in comparison to having Dr Dre cameo and debut new music.

This has been a long-standing issue within the community, but it's come to a head most recently thanks to the latest New Year update. As reported by Eurogamer, players have started Tweeting #SaveRedDeadOnline in response to Rockstar's most recent update. The update in question simply gives XP bonuses for a range of missions, specifically focused on the "A Land Of Opportunities" missions.

In comparison to GTA, which usually receives game modes, new missions, new items, or new clothing every week, the community isn't happy to simply see some XP bonuses. Ben T, a popular Rockstar Games insider, responded to the Tweet, saying "Wtf rockstar. You’re the worst when it comes to managing online games. You never listen, all you do is act like nothing is going on. Thanks for ruining this game and the community."

Ben later Tweeted, "Red Dead Redemption 2 has one of the best looking and detailed open-worlds to date. Please Rockstar Games

– save Red Dead Online for your own sake. Don't throw away the amazing potential it has. You're extremely lucky to have a passionate fanbase who cares. These long month events will ultimately kill the game and the fanbase, it's clearly not working anymore. If anyone higher up at Rockstar are seeing the hashtag, we're here to save the game as passionate fans of Red Dead."

Red Dead Online's subreddit is similarly filled with unhappy players voicing their concerns about the game and spreading the movement's hashtag, as well as posting memes mocking Rockstar's inability to provide the game with proper updates.

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