Far Cry 6 Won’t Include Arcade Mode Or A Map Editor

It’s been revealed that Far Cry 6 is breaking from tradition and will not include a map editor, axing arcade mode from the series altogether.

In fact, a bunch of Ubisoft developers confirmed in an AMA on Reddit yesterday that arcade mode will not be in any future Far Cry titles going forward. When asked by an excited fan whether the map editor will return in Far Cry 6, game director Alexandre Letendre responded very clearly that arcade mode will never be coming back, explaining the decision was made so the developers could focus on the main campaign:

“No, Arcade will not come back,” explains Letendre. “Removing this mode from our plan was a difficult decision, but allowed us to focus our efforts on the main campaign, transporting players into the heart of a modern-day guerrilla revolution.”

While arcade mode will have been a popular pastime for some, it’s likely that Ubisoft hasn’t seen enough engagement with the mode to continuously dedicate resources to maintaining it or coming up with new ideas. Now that the developers are solely working on the main campaign, hopefully, that means we’ll get an even better Far Cry story to sink our teeth into.

However, the AMA wasn’t all disappointing news, and several interesting details about Far Cry 6 have been revealed. Firstly, all of your companions in the game will be animals, such as Chorizo the Dog and Guapo the Crocodile, and it’s been confirmed that the game will take advantage of the Dualsense’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. The grappling hook and wingsuit will also be returning, but fan-favorite character Hurk will not be making an appearance this time around, at least not in the main game.

You may also have missed the news that Far Cry 6’s Narrative Lead Navid Khavari released a statement addressing the controversy surrounding the political themes within the game. Despite headlines claiming that Ubisoft doesn’t want to “make a political statement”, Khavari clarified his comments and explained that there will be plenty of “hard, relevant discussions” in Far Cry 6.

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