FIFA 21 Guide: Best Strikers

Football is all about goals, and FIFA has such a pro-attack mentality that games often end 5-4 rather than 1-0, so you want to have great players at the top of the pitch. We’ve already got a list of wingers if you want flair and goals from out wide, but for the best out and out goal scorers, here are the best strikers in FIFA 21.

10 Luis Suarez, Atletico Madrid, 87

Suarez may not have his partnership with Messi anymore, but the feisty Uruguayan still manages to crack the top ten here. He has been slightly underwhelming since his move, especially in Europe, but the quality is still clear to see. Antoine Griezeman and Roberto Firmino both share an 87 rating too, but they’re just knocked out of the top ten.

9 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Arsenal, 87

The only Arsenal man anywhere near a positional top ten, Aubameyang takes ninth spot in a season where he seems to have absorbed some of his team’s inconsistencies. He’s always been a striker that has needed three chances to score, but he doesn’t seem to be carving out enough chances to rack those goals up these days. Still, form is temporary and all that, and with lightning quick pace and great shooting ability, Aubameyang is an asset to any team in FIFA 21.

8 Ciro Immobile, Lazio, 87

At first glance, Immobile feels slightly out of place here. Not that he isn’t a phenomenal footballer, but Lazio aren’t exactly superstar studded teams in the way City, PSG, or Real Madrid are. Then again, Arsenal and Spurs both feature here, so there are a few of the European underdogs getting featured. Regardless, Immobile’s impressive numbers and high finishing stats make him well placed amongst the game’s elite.

7 Paulo Dybala, Piemonte Calcio, 88

Dybala is one of two Piemonte Calcio players to make the cut here (no prizes for guessing the other one), and the fact he has often played second fiddle – to Ronaldo domestically and Messi internationally – means his talent has sometimes been overlooked. Rest assured, FIFA 21 does right by Dybala and ranks him comfortably inside the top ten strikers.

6 Harry Kane, Tottenham Hotspur, 88

Kane is kind of the opposite of Dybala. While the Argentine has been overshadowed, Kane has been the go-to for both club and country for years now, and has had to shoulder that expectation. Spurs once even tried to sign Dybala to help Kane out. While their careers might look like opposites, their playstyle – built on speed, passing, and sublime finishing – is very similar indeed.

5 Karim Benzema, Real Madrid, 89

Persistently underappreciated, Benzema has been a key factor is Real Madrid’s success over the last decade, and has proven himself not only incredibly useful, but also very hardworking and versatile – a skillset that has seen him outlast most of his superstar teammates like Bale, Ronaldo, or Di Maria. His stats aren’t the best for FIFA – low on speed, unable to break through defences quite so easily – but he’s great in the air and brilliant in the box. Very good when used correctly.

4 Sergio Aguero, Manchester City, 89

The City striker has had a stop-start season this year after a series of minor injuries have kept him out of the team for short but significant bursts. Still, Aguero has proven his worth to City time and time again, so even though it seems like they haven’t missed him much, it’s clear he offers the team something extra. He can offer it to you in FIFA 21 too.

3 Kylian Mbappe, PSG, 90

One day soon, Mbappe may well be at the top of this list. The young Frenchman has the world at his feet, and whether he stays in Paris or heads for Madrid, Liverpool, or elsewhere, he’s only going to get better with age. Now though, he stands as possibly the best youngster in the world, and finishes in a respectable third place in the top strikers stakes.

2 Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich, 91

The Bayern Munich striker won everything there was to win last season (while finishing top scorer in every competition he played in), so he might feel hard done by as only the second best forward in the game, but he’s up against a modern legend, and with Messi and Ronaldo around, it feels like everyone else is playing for third anyway.

1 Cristiano Ronaldo, Piemonte Calcio, 92

Ronaldo plays for Piemonte Calcio (that’s Juventus to you and me), and with Messi down as a winger, there’s not too much competition for the best striker role. Lewandowski might only be one point behind him, but that feels like a big gulf. Ronaldo and Messi have been the best two footballers in the world for a decade, and FIFA 21 reflects that.

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